Pre Work out Drinks better for protein synthesis???

Check it out!!!

read and post up your opinion

what about maximal strength and speed? I still find BCAAs the way to go for pure speed and power work…no need for additional rises in insulin.

Try this one out…BSL blend…

10% Red Citrus Storm
20% l-tyrosine
5% B complex
20% Choline
25% D/L Phenylalanine
20% Piracetam


That blend will light you up. Good combo Clemson. p.s. I get paid soon.

Pre/during high-gi + protein mixes are great for hypertrophy driven people, but like Clemson said … I would rule them out for athletes are not seeking hypertrophy as their major goal.

The finishing touches on my Anabolic Indicator had to be tested again with some labrats. I would like to thank several people on this forum for using the blood glucose monitors, urine work, blood work, for the last three months to recalibrate my chart. I know John Berardi get’s bashed a bit here and no man is perfect but his expertise was great. Also like to thank charlie for his consultations (money well spent).

I received these two stacks from BSL awhile ago. Thought I’d share.

Strength Training / Increased Recovery:

40% EAA or BCAA
10% Sucrose
10% Dextrose
10% L Taurine
10% Betaine
10% Choline Bitartrate
10% Flavor

Anaerobic / Metabolic Conditioning

20% L Carnitine
15% Beta Alanine
10% L Taurine
20% BCAA
10% Glucuronolactone
15% L Tyrosine
10% Flavor

are these pre/during/or post stacks?


What did you notice about them? Any good results?

With the training we have…we just can’t afford bad days…we feel good all week and that’s what matters. No rage or high…just pure tunnelvision.


Clemson, would you be opposed to adding acetyl carnitine to that pre workout mix? 6 g of ALCAR sends my strength through the roof.

Nootropic type of blends w/ bcaa’s usually kick people into high gear. Thats probably why the nature of the blend Clemson recommended.

Trench, ALCAR is a great pre-workout, but I would rather see that dose down a bit to like 3-4 grams, and stack something else with it … such as piracetam and Choline Bitartrate.

You can read about other’s experiences with nootropic blends @ avantlabs in their “chemistry” category.

anyone that has faith in the pre-workout formula and gives it two-three weeks will get a free PDF from me.

I assume that you feel that with this nootropic mix the effect is cumulative, or at least something the body won’t adapt to, and as such the formula could be used frequently even at what’s basically the beginning of a hopefully long career?

Some combos work better than others. Reisistance to nootropics is well known, thats why using them only on certrain intense training days may suit you better so you won’t develop a reisistance to them. I know a individual who takes BSL Go! (not the recovery drink) and uses it before each of his 4 workouts a week. He still claims he receives the full effect w/ the same dose. Probably been using this protocol for over 4 months.

The training is cycled and the nutrition will have to be cycled.