Pre race/workout supplement

Where did my thread go?
I started a thread regarding pre race/workout supplement (or food for that sake). Got one answer and then the thread was gone, wierd.
Well, I try to write it again then.
Having problem sometimes to get in the right feeling and focus and tried a couple of things. First out Red Bull (and other beverages like that). But that works maybe 1 out of 15-20 times. So that’s not good. Tried caffeine tablets with no result. Powerdrive did nothing for me. Tried both single and double doses. Hav recently tried Biotests Spike (tablets) wich had some effect. But a side effect of it was that some of the workouts (only tried on heavy gym) I got “shaky” and felt a bit ill.
So now I’m thinking of trying these out
N.O.-Xplode by BSN
Fierce by SAN Nutrition

Any thoughts on these supplements? Are they any good? Are the brands to be trusted?

One other suggestion I’ve got before the thread dissapeared was Vitalyze by Snac. (It was vitalyze wasn’t it?)

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