Pre/Post-workout nutrition

I’m still playing around with my diet to try and find the optimal ratio of carbs and protein before and after workouts, but here’s what I tried today:


200mg caffeine
50g carbs from yogurt
30g protein from whey/yogurt

Post-workout(Met-RX Ultra pack):

40g protein blend
20g carbs (4g sugar, 2g fiber)
5g creatine
3g glutamine

The pre-workout meal tasted great but left me feeling bloated. I think I’m going to cut the pre-workout carbs down to 30, is this enough? Are these protein/carb ratios correct? My goal is to maintain bodyweight while increasing muscle mass and losing fat.

Here’s a link to my training and diet…

before weights:
10g protein
20g carbs

post weights
at least 1:2-3 ratio protein to carbs
40 g protein with 80-120g of carbs

I don’t think I could handle that many carbs without getting fat.