Hi there, Im a powerlifter and am wondering if sprints could help me improve my performance?

I currently train 4 days per week and would like to know:
do other strength athletes have sprints in their training?
would it benefit me?
if so, what sort of distance, sets and frequency is reccomended

Thank you

I do not know how much actual training for speed would carry over. You may want to include some tempo sessions for basic fitness. Powerlifters tend to be in horrible “shape” (not counting WSB). These sessions should help improve fitness and would probably not impact performance (totals) as much as steady state jogging. I’d start with two sessions and maybe add a third. After you are used to running again you could replace 1 tempo for a speed session, and perhaps add another speed session.

Just My .02

i would think it could help, but you’d have to reduce weight room work if you did include them.

as for the distance keep them short, 50-60 m max.

personally i beleive short speed work would be more effective than adding tempo.

well currently I train like this:

sun: max squat day, SLDL, possibly some calf, farmer walks

mon: rest

tues: speed bench, “dynamic work” includeds snatch, clean & jerk, sometimes biceps ie 3 sets of curls

wed: speed squat/deadlift alternated, max dead every 3-4 weeks, chins/pull ups (yes, im one of the rare PL’s that can do them :] ), row, shrug

thu: some GPP work - stone lifting, throwing, pressing over head, pinch grip breaze blocks, grip work- thick bar reverse curls (great btw), bar holds, thors hammer with 2in grip

fri: max bench, triceps ie dips then close grip bench,

sat: rest

Im not planning on losing any weight and Im about 15-18% bf by my guess as i can see the outline and central line down my abs and plenty of definition.

I was thinking about adding the sprints in on Monday but it sounds as if it might not help.

Any other comments?

The OLs should be sufficient stimulus for RFD (even for bench). I have a PL program written - post your e-mail and i’ll send it you.

Since you are not using sprints for weight loss or conditioning I don’t think that ME sprints would be very beneficial.

Thanks David W



I am sure I seen a similar question at Westside’s site: and they didn’t think sprint would be much use for a powerlifter.

They recommended extra workouts - either sled dragging, or low intensity hi-rep training, more ab work (basically low intensity workouts) in order to raise their work capacity.

Their site