Are Powerbars worth investing in? And, if so, when is the best time to eat them during the day in relation to workout time, etc?

A friend of mine can get me some at discounted bulk prices, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it to shell out the money even for cheaper powerbars, or if the same thing can be achieved with something else. I guess, at least to the credit of powerbars, they offer a quick convenient fuel source, right?

I am not so sure it would be a wise investment. Power bars always made my jaw tired from all the chewing. I think they are great if you have them on a warm day.

Gorilla Biscuits!

Make your own bars that will not make your jaw feel like Jenna Jamiesons after a long shoot, but post your program and current structure…

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Gorilla biscuts? Is there a recipe somewhere?

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p.s. you can find something better than powerbars… eurgh

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