Power Jumper

Interview with Jon Hinds:


This guy is the brains behind this device:


He claims that it works really well and in the interview he says some guy has got a 51" vertical leap from using it and can dunk from the freethrow line at 5’8" tall. He has also trained a 14 year old kid who is 6’3 but can touch 11’5 from a standing jump.

Now, I don’t know anything about Jon Hinds nor have I used the Power Jumper. But the claims seem a little unbelievable. If I am wrong, then major props to him.

I would say that the EliteFTS guys usually have some upstanding guys on the staff, writing their articles, doing interviews, etc. so this makes it even more strange.

Anyone care to comment on the interview, Hinds, or the Power Jumper?

Some pretty big claims. Most people will probably say it’s total BS but now everyone and their mother squats with bands, so why not jump train with them :confused:

Giving this guy the benefit of the doubt…I think it might help. Like I said it’s no more illogical than squatting with bands IMO.

Forget the power jumper, it’s all about the power sprinter. Ha!

Now I will say that one looks like a piece of crap.

Poked around a little on the web and found out the 51" vert guy is Jamillian Momon, a pro-slam dunker (there’s pro-dunkers? who’d of guessed that). He claims on the http://www.powerplyos.com/ site that he gained 10" using that program. Hinds mentioned in the interview Momon used the power jumper bands and also med balls for a gain of 13".

Basically it sounds like an already gifted athlete with a vert in the upper 30’s used plyos (depth jumps), med balls, and the jumper bands. How do you single out the jumper bands in this case? Do the jumper bands work? Who knows, but we do know that those making gains with them are also relying on tried and true methods of increasing vert.

Edit to add: Both the Power Jumper and the PowerPlyos programs utilize only two jump workouts per week, very much quality over quantity. It seems this may be more important than the jumper bands themselves and mirrors the Kelly Baggett stuff, at least for improving reactive abilities. I’d be interested to hear Baggett’s take on this.

[b]A setup like this power jumper would be better than DE squats with bands for a speed-strength athlete because:

  1. the power jumper is ballistic/uses triple extension
  2. much lighter resistance/closer to the V extreme on the FV curve[/b]

Does anyone feel these statements/reasons in bold have any merit?

It seems that if an athlete were set upon using bands in their training somehow, to increase Kinetic Energy and experience hyper gravity descent, etc., then they might as well use something like this as opposed to DE squats, no?

I think your statements have merit. I don’t know if I would replace DE weights with this device but I think it could be used as an ancillary exercise.

dude is crazy

That’s what a 51" vert looks like? :confused:

thats like 45" most likely but he is 5’9"

shit i dont even know if its him but i did see the video linked to him??

Jumps squats also seem to cover points #1 & 2 no?
Has anyone played around with drop squat variations?

Jump squats cover those points but do not have the benefits that bands might add.

What are drop squats?

How about jump squats ballistically with bands?
Check the innosport site (DB hammer) for the REA squat or REA Overspeed squat. Its under strength speed exercises.

ACBarchJr’s jump looks a few inches higher… what’d ya guys think?

Guys, guys !
that thing is 100% bullshit.
So what if someone claims to have a 13 year old who can undereleg and shit, i know a guy with 57" who never lifted weights or did anything in his life but eating lean meat, but you dont see me screaming " EAT MEAT "

I have 43" vertical jump and all I did was strength work and speed work.
power=force velocity.

its amazng how some people still trying to make everybody think that there is some secret to VJ development.
theres no secret.
and that thing is a piece of shit.

I’d buy 2 copies of KB’s book instead.

AC jumps higher…