Power Breath


Any opinions on this product?
Any experiences perhaps?

I used a similar device sold by Dr. Yessis a few years back. It definately helped my “lung power”…I could spit really far after “training with it”…

Did it help my running? I think I had my best year when I used it but that’s probably a coincidence.

I know the guy who “invented” it and researched it. He seems to think that it works very well. They are currently working on a “respi-vest” that basically gives you aesthma while you exercise! Check out their company www.prosports.uk.com

My thoughts are that while it might increase the amount of O2 getting into the lung it might not have any effect on the 02 getting to the muscle (they only tested at the level of the lungs). Though Nik you would know A LOT more about this than me.

My obvious comment is. If it really does improve your performance and there is “no way of training these muscles without it” then just giving it to Paula Radcliff (who lives in Loughborough) should result in a new WR in the 10,000 and Marathon! So I am undecided.

Do Ethiopian, and Kenyan athletes use it? I think its a gimick

LOL, what a surprise this is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give O2 to your muscle and it will take it; eventually though the brain dictates everything… (there is a post of mine about the Central Covernor theory somewhere, if interested, which Charlie dismissed by posting “what are you guys talking about”, thanks Charlie! :slight_smile: ).

And I was wondering about Paula’s methods… :rolleyes:

Thanks for the input!

Not sure who’s using it and who’s not, but what makes you think it’s a “gimick”?

Just by the sound of it, or from personal experience?


Nick if you are interested I will forward you George Gandy’s (Seb Coe’s etc old coach) training plans for his runners. Interestingly he seems to use a similar system to CF. 3 hard days and 3 easy. Plus strength training is periodised with competition to some extent.

Correction to my last post. Apparently the Respri-vest idea works better than the Powerbreath.


Peter Coe (his dad), was Sebs coach, he just joined in with Gandys sessions when at Loughborough didn’t he?

Yes, that’s what I thought as well, with Seb regularly visiting the States to see David Martin in the lab.

TC, bring them on!
It should be interesting to see the weights schedule, too!


PS Let us know how it goes this weekend!!

Yeah sorry, your right. I should have included “at Loughborough”. Next time I will try and get my facts straight.

No weights during the summer race season but lots of glute work and weights during the winter. I’ve sent you an email.


Interesting, thanks!

Inseason weights might be difficult to be included, depending on how heavy the schedule is; however, I’d prefer to have at least one brief session along with some speed work.

Others on this?
It goes along with this thread, I suppose: