Powell runs 9.78

Thanks for your kind words earlier today No.2.
Looking at the profile action of the RAI video it might be easy to believe there is nothing like Triple ERxtension going on. But the T/E is so brief it is almost impossible to see it at normal speed. However, it is there and it is clearly something Powell is trying for. There is room for improvement on the evidence of this film. Maybe some more therapy to mobilise the hips and restore length to the hammies/quads will see him PB by worlds. I hope so anyway. He is such a lovely guy. Look how he interacts with the Jamaicans in the crowd understanding they must have made an effort to get out to watch him in Lausanne.

His T/E appears to be more happening almost directly Underneath him.
Has anybody seen what races he has done, what races he is planned to run, and what race number 18 for the year is?

The simple answer is none. Though I do remember something about signing privacy papers, maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion.:slight_smile:

My comment was not in reference to L to S, S to L or repetions and sets it was simply to do with the body/limp positions. What is done to achieve those positions is not what most think, I call mechanics.

No I have not been to university. Why, because I did not want to.

Sady - I’m not questioning your intelligence or coaching smarts (being on this forum and contributing shows me that you take coaching seriously and understand the importance of the discussion taking place at CF.com). I’m just making a point regarding the assumption that many coaches are applying Charlie’s principles in their workout planning as Charlie would have. This is clearly not happening as I’ve seen it.

Regarding university, I have a couple of degrees in areas that are totally unrelated to what I’m doing now. It was a good place to be an athlete and meet girls - that’s about it. My theory is that the concept of university was developed to create a holding tank (or purgatory) for young adults so that we don’t flood the workplace and have massive unemployment. It is an acceptable place for them to loiter while living at or below the poverty line with the hope that better things will come. It has nothing to do with learning.

I learned that my liver is able to process significantly more alcohol than I would have thought possible.

Well both No2 and yourself learnt more than me. Unfortunately I worked full time and trained 3-4 hours everyday whilst at Uni. Damn

Someone mentioned, I think No2, it appeared that Powell won the race between 20-50m. Hasn’t this been his issue at big meets, his top speed is hit earlier and isn’t as fast as others.

Hillarious. I have 3 degrees all computer science related. I work as a PE teacher! Learned the most in grad school. Undergrad I learned to survive of scraps and to really appreciate everything i didnt have at the time. Plus meet a ton of females in my same situation that i could console:p

Except for Berlin, I’m not sure that he’s reached his top speed (for his condition at the time) in the finals of big meets.

Looks like Bolt will also be focusing on technical issues:

Bolt said former world record holder Asafa Powell is a contender at worlds after his Jamaican teammate ran the fastest 100 in 2011 with a time of 9.78 last week in Lausanne, Switzerland. The best Bolt has run is 9.91, in Rome and Ostrava, Czech Republic.

“Asafa just posted a wonderful time,” Bolt said. “That meant he’s back in business.”

For now, however, Bolt’s sights are set on Lemaitre. They have squared off only once this year, the Jamaican coming out on top in the 100 at the Golden Gala meet in Rome in May.

But Bolt’s priority will be refining his technique.

“In this race, I’ll try to get the perfect execution,” Bolt said. "When I go out there, I should really focus on trying to get everything together, trying to get the right technique.

“If my technique works, it should be a good time because when I’m fluid, I go fast. A fast night should come if I get it right.”

this lemaitre reminds me of gay at certain points in the stride technique, regarding the arm drive and ballistic-elastic-type ground contact strike. This during still shots and motion shots. I’d put it down to similar limb length ratios i guess. Even when watching the vids, even more pronounced during the side-on-view.

suggest he is getting into his speed maintanance position too early, maybe there is a fear factor coming into play which is causing him to settle.

Bet he won’t do nothing but drills, the stuff that you and kk know will be the essence. Maybe they are going to modify the prog with an emphasis on the last stages of acceleration. then again?

I learned one thing from University… How to think.

I could have used a few lessons on how to meet girls though :wink:

If you had done astrology you would have learnt about Pluto. Now days it is no longer a planet it’s just a disney dog.

the girl thing has me thinking I should have gone,damn

Wow…this was the same thing a myself and friend of mine were saying during a heated discussion at practice a few months ago.Definately agree. Its a way of controlling young adults whilst increasing areas of the economy. Degrees are actually worthless in the current employment market in the UK. All they do is show that you are competent in a particular field (that usually has no relevance to working life) and show commitment.

Back to athletics…

As impressive as the run was, whats scary is what was pointed out earlier. The gap doesnt grown between Asafa and Frater. So either Asafa’s top end has suffered slightly or Frater has stepped his ish up!

Ill go with frater stepping up for a 1000.