Powell had surgery

Jamaican Gleaner newspaper

Reports have surfaced which suggest that former world record holder, Asafa Powell, had a shoulder injury sustained in April while weightlifting surgically repaired last month.

Powell, whose 100-metre world record was broken by countryman Usain Bolt in New York on May 31, has not run since early this season - a 10.04 clocking in Melbourne, Australia on February 21. But his management has assured that he will be participating in the National Track and Field Athletics Championships (National Trials) later this month. The trials are to select Jamaica’s team to the Olympics in Beijing this August.

Powell’s agent Paul Doyle last month denied that Powell had undergone surgery. When asked he said Powell was in Florida resting, recuperating from the injury he received. Shortly before that Powell had been slated to participate at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia in the United States and was down to run in a 4x100-metre relay.

Contrary to the denials, however, two reports out of the United States - one in the USA Today newspaper and another story written by Tim Layden that appeared on the Sports Illustrated website - said Powell had undergone surgery.

Bears scar from surgery

Layden, in the Sports Illustrated piece, quotes Powell as saying: “They put me to sleep and fixed my tendons and ligaments.”

Layden’s story also states that Powell bears a scar from the surgery that extends from his armpit up into his chest area.

Repeated phone calls made yesterday to Doyle’s offices in Marietta, Georgia, went unanswered.

Meanwhile, president of MVP track club, Bruce James, yesterday would not confirm or deny that Powell underwent surgery.

When asked why Doyle would deny that Powell had had his shoulder surgically repaired, he said he did not know, adding that even if it were so, it is now insignificant because Powell would be ready to run at the National Trials later this month.

President of the Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association (JAAA), Howard Aris, said yesterday that he was not aware that Powell had undergone surgery, adding that the only official information he gets on Powell is from his agent or his camp.

The World Championships bronze medallist is also down to perform in Trinidad, along with training partner Daryl Brown, on June 20.

This Doyle dude does way too much talking for my liking…he’s like the Don King of track…

There is something rpoper weird going on in that camp!!! I don’t understand how there can be that much mystery regarding if Asafa had surgery. Either he did or he didn’t…simple!

I’ve said all along that he had a huge tear- approx 50% across the pec and I know the scope of the injury for a fact.

Youve never seen the way the New England Patriots conduct bussiness. The local media is frustrated on a daily basis. Info is extremly hard to come by,especially when injury is involved.

But info is easy to get for the Pats when they’re inside the other teams’ huddles!

There seems to be a trend with many sports teams- to very much limit injury info. made public. I know John Fox of the Carolina Panthers says very little on the subject. Lloyd Carr also put out, it seemed, as little injury info. as possible.

I guess the idea is to force your opponent to have to game plan vs. the potential of all of your good players rather than being able to eliminate some from their planning.

It’s all because of dollars. If an athlete is injured his price goes down and the sponsors and would be sponsors start to rethink investing in them long term. Doyle bullshits the whole time why believe anything he says?

The injury was serious and I assume they have now fixed it. That will teach you all to attempt “shock” training! :stuck_out_tongue: Just remember always do a little bit less or more than yesterday not an extra 50Kgs!

There was a discussion earlier from someone claiming to know that the mgr and coach were feuding and that the mgr was getting involved in the program. Anyone know for sure? Certainly, the injury occured doing iso/negs which he didn’t do in the past. Whose idea was that?

I heard they were literally just messing about being macho. Some other guy had the weight on the bar and they said “shall i cut it down for you” and powell said “no i’ll be alright” - and err he wasn’t! Hard to know for sure but that’s the gist of it.

Where was the coach, bc he should have stepped in instead of standing in the corner eating donuts.

Ha. Apparently he at first was unaware of the injury!!!

Bun an cheese man! He’s not a Canadian!

TC, how reliable would you say your source is on that scenario?

It is precisely the situation coach Franno had sought to avoid, admitting that with 50 guys (mostly guys) in the weights room at the same time he often was not able to observe much less spot each lifter and tried not to play favourites (up to a point I suppose because he knows Asafa butters his bread).

Love the Jamaican impressions Charlie!:smiley:

LOL!:stuck_out_tongue: Bun an Cheese all the way…LOL! Good call CF.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it all boils down to complacency on Asafa’s part. He was the man with the weight in his hands. Not that I blame him since he’s probably been hitting on all cylinders for the better part of his career. I sustained a calf strain in the weight room for the first time in my life recently and I work out with good preparation and care. I just got a little sloppy in monitoring my condition. Does anyone know how much weight should an elite male sprinter be benching before it becomes detrimental? I understand that Ben Johnson went fairly heavy in his training.

It’s the progression and adjustments of the weights that gives safety, not the amount lifted.
You’re right, ben lifted far more than Asafa was apparently working with but Asafa wasn’t prepared for the sudden change in his lifting pattern.

A piece of advice that is worth more than most people can ever imagine. In fact it may be worth a Gold Medal!

That’s right. You have to always be switched on when training (and competing) in this sport, because as soon as you become sloppy, the risk of injury multiplies by some massive amount.

I’ve done that macho thing with weights in front of my friends before, I won’t doubt it. But luckily for me I had done the proper warm up with lighter and slower reps first.

I think the general public has no idea how much elite athletes are always only one sloppy moment away from losing a shitload of fitness. Especially in track. In other sports it seems that injuries don’t affect performance as much. In track, if you miss a month of training because of a stupid muscle tear you got in the gym that should never have happened, then, well, a month is a long time to miss before an Olympic Games preparation…