Powell: "Gatlin A Coward" if he backs out of showdown

KINGSTON, May 15 - Asafa Powell has reacted strongly today to a report indicating Justin Gatlin, the man who eclipsed Powell’s 100m world record, might not take him on at a June athletics meeting in England.
America’s Gatlin, the world and Olympic champion, set the 100m world record of 9.76sec at the Qatar Super Grand Prix in Doha on Friday, eclipsing the 9.77 mark of Jamaica’s Powell.
That raised the level of anticipation for the June 11 Grand Prix in Gateshead, where both were slated to run the 100m.
I heard he pulled out, but I don't know why,'' Powell said yesterday as he returned to Jamaica from the Felix Sanchez Invitational in the Dominican Republic. Last year he was saying that I am a coward, so this year, if he pulls out of anything again, I am going to say he is a coward,’’ Powell said.
This weekend, USA Today quoted Gatlin’s agent, ex-hurdles great Renaldo Nehemiah, as indicating the next meeting between the two was up in the air.
Everybody's clamoring for the first meeting,'' Nehemiah said. I would say they’ll meet this year maybe two times. Maybe once. No more than three,’’ he added, not mentioning Gateshead specifically.
In outlining Gatlin’s schedule, Nehemiah listed the Prefontaine Classic Grand Prix meeting in Eugene, Oregon, on May 28, the Reebok Grand Prix in New York City on June 3 and the US national championships in Indianapolis June 21-25.
Powell’s agent, Paul Doyle said of Gateshead that, like Gatlin, We did not have anything in our contract to say that Justin will be there. I can’t say what was in Justin’s contract,’’ Doyle said on Sunday.
As well as preparing for a head-to-head showdown, Powell said he is keen to get the record back.
Injured after his record-setting run at the Athens Grand Prix last June, Powell said he was in a hurry to re-establish himself at the top of the 100m ranks.
``The plan is just to regain my record as soon as possible. I’m not sure if it’s the next time I touch the track, but it will happen soon,’’ Powell said.

I see it like Asafa, but now Gatlin is THE MAN to decide…

These guys have trained over the winter, they are ready to race. Am not saying anything bad about Powell, he went to Commonwealths very early.

Check how many times Greene V Montgomery met in there little rivalry. Check the rest. 2times is a joke.

I think it is a joke, yes its building the hype, but at the end of the day. I think Justin Gatlin won’t want to race Asafa Powell again after June 11.

I mean i have bad mouthed Powell before, but remember last year in Crystal Palace he came into that event after being injured, and he stepped right in with a big match up.

how can they only race 2times, when the Golden league is this year, every top sprinter does golden league.

Personally i think Gatlins camp is getting scared. Powell said he would of ran 9.6xx in the same conditions/ he is taking the piss out of Gatlins 9.6, he knows the stats, the conditions.

Asafa Powell displays a more complete race, and mark my words, its the first 50m, where the race will be won.

Respect what Galtlin did, but i also think Asafa is the man to run faster than 9,75

Will be interesting to see what happens but now money’s talking. i hope they meet where they can actually perform- somewhere warm like Athens! Then the fur would fly.

its quite similar like Ben and Carl, or isnt it?

I cant remember others where it was so interesting to see them compete, eypecially in a non-champs-season.


They will meet according to england

looks like powell is unphased.


I hope they both stay healthy until Athens.
With Olu in the middle, of course… :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be interesting to see what happens but now money’s talking. i hope they meet where they can actually perform- somewhere warm like Athens! Then the fur would fly.

we have much more important things to do in the olympic stadium than sports like eurovision.


i know.


anywho, when will they run here in athens i want to be there, bring on tEh news from up close and personal. I would be thriled to meat pierjean…Or worship him or whatever you know?:stuck_out_tongue:

actually, has anyone here run on the olympic stadium? I have once, its fantasic, the track i mean, its downright fabulus. Well compaired to where i train at least:p

Interesting write-up with more truth than intended. Typically, meets try to get the no1 guy first, then pursue his competition to stretch him out as much as possible. By playing their cards close to the vest, the meet tries to avoid paying “match race” fees.
It was up to Gatlin’s agent to put whatever conditions he wanted in the contract last November.
For example, if Powell is entered, there is an additional fee and TV revenues over and above those initially negotiated for the meet itself are shared… etc. I also wonder if Nehemiah negotiated a bonus if Gatlin came into the meet as World Record Holder. I doubt he did because he probably didn’t expect a record before June 11th.

If Powell signed up for the meet after Gatlin, it’s pretty hard to argue that they didn’t know Gatlin was in.

what do you think will be now after Gatlin’s time was corrected?

will they meet at gateshead ?