Powell 9"77

Well…he has talked much…but he did also…:slight_smile:

45 steps…impressive acceleration…
Maybe he was a little loaded some weeks ago?And he(and his coach) decided to unload just for the big match against Justin?? WHo knows.Ok,i go to see again the race many times.

amazing acceleration…outstanding on the fly…impressed me so much…very good come back by chambers, 10"06

That is a fact a lot of great coaches fail to recognise in the past discussion about him and Gatlin. A lot depends on the training and it looked like he really prepared to this one.

accelaration was amazing and he just blast it the seconh halv of the race didn’t he?

taped it…didn’t expect much.

Was amazed!!! :eek: I’m so glad I saw it and got it taped. I’ll be watching nothing else for the rest of the week, inspiring stuff.

Wow! Will this ever increase the take for the matchup- interestingly, much more than if he had run 9.76. What were the conditions (global warming must be kicking in if Gateshead is decent!)
Athens, here we come!!

The first man to ever run two legal sub 9.8’s (first man to also run sub 9.8 in consecutive seasons).

pretty decent weather, sunny 1,5 wind

yeah his heat was very impressive too. if only gatlin had been there…What do you all think of his comments after the race? He said something like i can run as fast as i want whenever i want and he is ready whenever gatlin is ready!

eroszag i thought chambers got 10.07?

Official Result Men - 100 Metres - Final Wind:+1.5m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts
1 Powell Asafa JAM 9.77 (=WR) 10+3
2 Frater Michael JAM 10.06 8
3 Chambers Dwain GBR 10.07 7
4 Devonish Marlon GBR 10.16 6
5 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 10.20 5
6 Conwright Kaaron USA 10.24 4
7 Collio Simone ITA 10.30 3
8 Aikines-Aryeetey Harry GBR 10.38 2

its so funny as dwain comes back and beats all his uk rivals after 2 years out of racing…good man dwain

any links to the meet THOR!!? :smiley:

The rest of the uk sprinters are a disgrace. And Chambers is a top guy, two years of financial worries and still came on top, really great guy…

hopefully chambers can get a race with gardner, campbell, derviosh and lewis francis all together so that he can just rub their faces in the dog poo. :slight_smile:

good decision by GAT not to run here


whew i cant contain my excitement. will gatlin prove he is truly the man? or will powell finally take his spot on top? and ive been a dwain chambers fan since i saw him on the fastest man documentary. ive been waitin for him to come back and whoop ass.

WOW 9.77 well done powell.

Damn I wish gatlin was there would have been amazing to watch the two go head to head.

Man on second glance they shud really not film on that angle. Same for gatlins 9.77. Its a very unflattering angle which makes them look quite slow compared to other angles :frowning: :mad:

yea, imo that time is false/fake, they run so slow on the film that it that it can’t be 9.77 :wink: :wink:

Videos From Gateshead

Just watched the video … what an awesome display!! Was it me or did Powell ease up the last 5 metres? Looks like he could have run even faster!