Powell 9.77!

Powell 9.77!

Witnessed the new WR!!! Awesome…incredible!!! Well done Asafa!!! :smiley:

It seemed like it was only a matter of time.

Wish i could have witnessed it live.

Amazing, I think he just shut the door on the other comp this year. He is looking just too damn strong right now.


World 100m record for Powell - 9.77 seconds - FLASH QUOTES

Tuesday 14 June 2005

Athens, Greece - In the last few minutes, Asafa Powell of Jamaica has, subject to ratification, broken the World 100 metres record at the Athens Super Grand Prix Tsiklitiria 2005.

Powell’s time was clocked as 9.78 seconds equalling the existing World record - Tim Montgomery, USA, Paris, France, 14/09/2002 - but a few minutes later this was rounded down officially to 9.77 (wind 1.6m/s). His reaction time at the start was 0.150.

“I knew that I could do it," commented Powell. “I did my best. It feels great to be the fastest man of the world.”

How fast can you go this season?

“Who knows? 9 something…I love Greece and I will come back here next year.”

Powell is the Overall number one athlete in the world, as announced in today’s IAAF World Rankings - click here.

I am very happy that in my second presence here in Greece, I achieved this performance," continued Powell as few minutes later. “It is amazing that after Maurice Greene that I also have achieved a World record in this stadium and for this marvellous meet organization.”

“I knew that I could break the World record and I am very happy that I succeeded. If you ask what I can do more this year, you will just have to wait until the end of this year’s season to see,” ended the new World record breaker

Aziz Zakari who came second (9.99): “ It is my second time in a race in which a World record was broken (Paris). That is okay. He (Asafa) deserves it. We are all athletes and today it was him, it might be me next time (running a WR). He worked hard and he deserves it. It was a great race. A world record is not a joke.”

Quotes provided by Alexandra Knoke for the IAAF in Athens

Athens Super Grand Prix Tsiklitiria 2005 - Athìna (GRE)
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last Updated: 20:21:59 CET 14/06/2005

Official Result
Men - 100 Metres - Final
Wind: +1.6 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Powell Asafa JAM WR* 9.77
2 Zakari Aziz GHA 9.99
3 Frater Michael JAM 10.03
4 Obikwelu Francis POR 10.04
5 Jarrett Patrick JAM 10.15
6 Egbele Aaron NGR 10.16
7 Emedolu Uchenna NGR 10.21
8 Aliu Deji NGR 10.24
9 Gardener Jason GBR 10.29

Official Result
Men - 100 Metres - Heat 1
Wind: +0.4 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Zakari Aziz GHA 10.11
2 Obikwelu Francis POR 10.20
3 Egbele Aaron NGR 10.26
4 Emedolu Uchenna NGR 10.31
5 Browne Pierre CAN 10.32
6 Lewis-Francis Mark GBR 10.36
7 Papadiás Harálabos GRE 10.43
8 Voyiatzákis Konstadínos GRE 10.59
9 Polítis Ioánnis GRE 11.31

Official Result
Men - 100 Metres - Heat 2
Wind: +1.9 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Powell Asafa JAM 9.98
2 Frater Michael JAM 10.07
3 Gardener Jason GBR 10.13
4 Jarrett Patrick JAM 10.26
5 Aliu Deji NGR 10.29
6 Osovnikar Matic SLO 10.36
7 Petrídis Aristídis GRE 10.45
8 Halastáras Evággelos GRE 10.56
9 Séggos Vasílios GRE 10.56