Powel says gay had something to prove.

By Inside Track

KINGSTON – On his return home last night after ending his season with another – runner-up 100m finish - to second fastest man ever Tyson Gay, former world record holder Asafa Powell, was in a talkative mood as he looked back on the many clashes with the American record holder.
Tyson Gay (right) beats Asafa Powell to the finish line in the 100m event of the DN-Galan track and field meet in Stockholm. Gay won the event in 9.79sec.

Tyson Gay (right) beats Asafa Powell to the finish line in the 100m event of the DN-Galan track and field meet in Stockholm. Gay won the event in 9.79sec.

Powell who in Daegu, South Korea was joined by Gay (now at 7:7) in head to head clashes, was fielding the suggestion that Gay seemed to be after him, and said “It seems as if he had something to prove, I did not have anything to prove … I just really wanted to finish the season, but I don’t know why, everywhere I go he was there as if he was trying to prove something …”

“I made him (Gay) look good this year”, but warned “Next year is going to be a completely different year” ….

Powell went on to reveal his plans for the 2010 season, ”I am definitely tired of losing … I told myself I am not going to lose anymore and I am going into next year with that mindset … I don’t want to lose another race, so definitely I am going out there to do greater things than I have ever done before” …

The MVP standout, who chalked up a world record of 60 sub 10 seconds outings during the season also spoke of his injury challenges ”The only thing that was really bothering me was my ankle … like two weeks before it was really hurting and I was really disappointed because I wanted it to get better. That was the only thing, I was kind of disappointed about the ankle … but I got my confidence going and everything went well”

It was the first time in the last 5 years that Powell had not achieved a personal best and he addressed that situation ”I know the reason why I didn’t … It was the first I had gotten an ankle injury … I told my friends I would rather have a groin or an hamstring injury any day as opposed to an ankle injury because it

(an ankle injury) really messes with my technique and everything … so I had to just go out there, run and hope to get a good time”.

Asafa needs to get a grip. Gay had nothing to prove re him, just towards Bolt and he used the remaining meets to try to improve his time- and did!

lol Asafa sounds like an old bitter record holder. He just needs to show and prove and not talk.

lol, he talks junk about Tyson, but says nothing about Bolt who beat him too.

Bolt is on another planet.

He fears and respects Bolt way too much. He’ll never beat Bolt because of this.

He won’t beat Bolt because he’s not as talented, not because of too much fear or respect.

Odd. I thought the point of competition was to beat your opposition. It’s fine if Asafa needs to justify his loses, I think a lot of athletes do this, but maybe better to keep it in his head. Looking forward to next season.

I think he is more talented, if he can stay injury free I think he has the ability to beat Bolt, as has Gay.

I agree with what MJ said on the BBC, I would like to see somebody approach Bolt who has a different mindset, somebody who is not scared and doen’t get involved with all the playing around at the start. Powell and Spearmon have no chance of beating Bolt unless they ignore him and concentrate on their own thing.

In my opinion, the minute they get involved in his “entertainment” they have lost, he is humilliating them at the start. You wouldn’t get Ben, MJ or Linford getting involved in all that crap. Gay doesn’t get involved and runs an American record with an injured groin. Powell and Spearmon get involved and underperform.

Not as talented?!? Are you crazy!? Asafa is as talented if not more than Bolt…he doesnt have the balls or the heart like Bolt.

I generally don’t like these "who is more talented arguments as normally it’s impossible to gauge. However I am curious as to why people believe Powell to be more talented than Bolt. Bolt has gone through with titles and set age records from the time he popped onto the scene in 2002, decides he wants to have a go at the 100m and breaks Powell’s WR in fairly ordinary conditions several races later, later that year breaks the WR again, with zero wind and waving his hands around like a lunatic for the last 20m. In addition to this he can match Powell’s best first 30 and go on to hit speeds Powell can only dream of … I just don’t see where it is that Powell is more talented.

Spearmon needs to work on his first 40 meters!!! If he can just work on that first part of the race I feel he can be competitive in the 200m. I wonder if he even views his own film?

At this level who knows what’s going on. All I know is that Jamaicans as a whole are talented; must be something in the water over there.:rolleyes:

Likewise…I dont like this “he’s more talented that him…my dad is stronger than your dad” stuff to. lol…but the reason why I say what I did about Powell being the more talented out of the two is based on the fact that he wasnt a prestigous junior in fact he wasnt known at all was he? Does anyone know how good Asafa was as a junior?

Bolt not known as a junior??
20.37 at 15
20.01 at 16
19.92 at 17
also 10.0 ht at 15

no…i think jason means Powell not known as a jnr

If so, why is Powell more talented. In any case, it doesn’t matter because things are as they are and Powell is now clearly third.
If Powell wants to change that, he needs a ton of therapy and a clear plan from Franno that he agrees to along with the will to follow it through.