Potential Speed

Here’s one for the table…

Measurements in training can help predict the current form/shape an athlete is in, or soon to be in…

So Using say "Speed bounce" as a tool for this one: 

IF an athlete , whom hasnt yet under-gone a sprints training programme but has a background of Jumps …ie long/triple, Makes a score of 90SB’s in say, 20secs (for arguments sake) with 100m PB only being (11.7)

…and in comparison a sprinter whoms best time for the 100m (10.2s) and in the year of running that time, 80SB’s was his best.

Would it be right in saying , that the Speed bounce test is irrelevant to sprint times, Or could it be the case of a certain athletes having more Speed potential?

(i’ll break it down) Jumper 100m Pb (11.7)
SB’s 90 (20secs) ?
no sprint training

                        Sprinter   100m Pb (10.2s)
                                      SB's  80  (20secs) ? 

Shead some light for me people …:wink:


Tomo personally i don’t believe in such tests but can be used for reference in where the athlete is.the best tests for eventual results is a stop-watch.an athlete may have a SLJ of X distance of a VJ of X but may still have trouble breaking 11.on paper it says the athlete is capable of X time but in reality things may not be in place for that to happen.also strenght tests aren’t a guide to an athlete running faster but are useful for identifying weakness’.say you are up 30k in your bench dosen’t mean you are goin to run faster!

thats wat i thought;) lol

but for the athlete …the thought is nice !

It actuality , as you say, there is many things that need to be implace to justify the measurement. Not all of them may be achieved, as you say this may result in not achieving the aspired time/distance.

but would you say that possibly it is still achievable?