Posting YouTube Videos here

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to post You Tube Videos here on



Ok, here’s a test. This is our assistant strength coach lifting at a local meet!


gotta see if this works…

Ok, it does…

Thanks Rupert!

My pleasure,

For those who want a place to test, try it out here.

Let’s see some video.



I tried to help you out here JPS, are you using a YouTube video?


it was working when i put it up

You had left some stuff in that was not needed…looks good.



Cool push up above! :slight_smile:

Here’s my try:


first time ever seeing purple squat racks. :wink:

Yeah, the purple gym… .tough on those who don’t like the color! It’s my favorite :slight_smile:

is this a health club or school fitness center, also you looked really happy to be doing squats. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Squats make me happy (I’m not weird, I swear).
This is back in the States (last winter), health club near my home.

I did wonder why they weren’t iso’s

mmm… isos are a different story…

Lol…liked the way you skipped/bounced into the rack! Some happy lifter :slight_smile: I start beating my chest and slapping my legs before any lifts!

Very nice depth on the squats.

haha, I guess “gorilla-style” works too!