Posting videos

How do you post a video for review? I video tape my starts and sprint training and would like to get some feed back. I did not get a response on how to do this on the other thread so I’m trying here.

Assuming you have a digital camcorder with s-video and/or AV ports, you can interconnect to a multimedia card that accepts these connections. Better quality can be acheived via a IEEE-1394 interface or USB.

Download the recorded video using software such as Windows MovieMaker or ArcSoft’s ShowBiz to create avi, mpeg or wmv files respectively. Other software may be required to generate gif media.

If the video clip is in gif format, you can attach it to a message using Additional Options. Otherwise, place your clip (avi, mpeg, wmv) with an online storage site. Your logon browser (e.g., IE, Netscape, etc.) should maintain such a service. Then copy and paste the address of the file to your message using the Insert Image button (header to the message box.)

This is actually done at a different location here at the website and its one on one with a qualified analyst. Ideal for distance coaching requirements/consulting.

More to follow, if this is urgent, send me a private message.

Thank you