Posting Video

Dear members,

Several questions about how to post video have been sent my way. I will attempt to clarify some items here:

My file is larger then the default 524k what do I do?

We are in the middle of upgrading our systems in order to make your experience at our website a more enjoyable one. During this time we are limiting uploads to our server.

How to get content up to

Talk to the thread moderator for instructions OR

  • Request a contributor account: Depending on the content you want to upload, myself or the video moderator (FjLee) will grant contributor status. This special account will allow you to upload content of ANY size to the server for all to enjoy.

I don’t post that much, what do I do?

If the files are small enough, (under 524k) you may attach your video to your message and click submit.


You may link to the video directly by using the Http:// function in your post control panel (the panel that appears when you are composing a message). I see members are doing this. The only concern is these links may go dead for various reasons in time.

With that, we’re 3 weeks away and our site currently is running at 75% capacity. Once our move is complete, full access will be open to those who request it.

I hope this helps…