Post your PB results in 100&200

Please post your age, height, weight and PB reslts at 60, 100 and 200. And halfsquat, bench press and stand long jump.

I’m 19 years old, 182 cm and 78 kg.
60 - 6.6
100 - 10.4
200 - 22.0 (very bad :o )

bench press - 110 kg
halfsquat - 230 kg
stand long jump - 324 cm

and yours?

Strength PR Thread

its pretty much the exact same thread.

Barret are those hand timed or electronic? Quite fast!

Hand time. I practice myself (all alone). And searching a good coach. But I can’t find one. I’m from Russia and in my country sprint is on very low level, especially among male athlets. It’s very hard to show good performance without good specialist in sprinting. That’s why I have a dream to move to USA and find really good coach:) But that’s only a dream… SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME^_^

Do you have any knowledge on how Yepishin trains?

Not much. But I heard that he almost exlude weigth training from his programm. He doesn’t do heavy weight… only light weight but very fast reps. In generaly, he does speed strenght workout. But his start is amazing. His parents train him and they are a pharmacology scientists:)

Isnt light weights, fast reps detrimental to sprinting somewhat? To my knowledge, high weights, low reps is preferred? Or is it relative to the kind of exercise and/or the stage of the athlete’s training phase?

neither is better than the other. they are both useful tools to developing an athlete. both elict different adaptations that can be useful to becoming a better sprinter.

I’m not surprised to hear this as the structure of his face reminds me of several other athletes who’ve dramatically improved their performances in short time periods.

wow, condemnation by association.

It goes much deeper than this…can’t be discussed here.

Thanks for clearing that up for me James. And Vicente, you should know they don’t play that ish around here, shouldnt have brought it up in the first place.

Stay in the house. You shouldn’t come out to the field…you aren’t built for it.

Now back to the topic, how does Yepishin train?

lol thats not the topic.

But its clearly where the most amount of interest will be generated, which will hopefully allow Barret’s original questions to get answered.

yea im kinda curious too

It’s not enough to know how does Yepishin train… Without knowledge about his methods of recovery it’s useless trying to get his training programm… We could do all the training methods, we could training like monsters all day and night… but until we don’t know all regeneration methods of ellite sprinters our attempts to run really fast is no more than waist of time…

18 yrs old
188cm,72 kg
bench press:90kg
squad:120 kg

that doesnt change the fact that we are interested in his traiing methodology.

yeah:) you’re right :wink: