Post-workout meal

With no supplements, how does this sound?

Protein:1 can of tuna–35 g
Carbs (High GI): 1 bowl of cinnamon toast crunch
Insulin Spike: 8 oz. Gatorade

I don’t know if the carb choice is the best, but the rest seems alright. What would you be some other option.

The carbs don’t sound bad, but I use yogurt post training if I have no whey powder - its fast absorbing, unlike milk, or tuna.

A tuna power smoothie? yummm.

I would buy whey in bulk and dextrose in bulk if you are lean now…if not stay with a MET-rx drink.


To add to this thread…

What should you be looking for in a post-workout meal? High carbs and low protein, vice versa? How about the type of carbs (high GI or low GI)? And what is an insulin spike and why do we need it?

P.S. - Does GO! solve all these problems? Or do I need to take something with it?

Don’t make it too complicated. Have about 30-50 g of protein, preferably whey, but I don’t take any real supplements so I just use tuna, and 40-80 g of carbs. Preferably high GI carbs which create an insulin spike (dextrose or something similar also helps with this–hence the gatorade). If you can afford it, surge seems like the best post-workout supplement to take. You need to refill your glycogen stores and maintain the anabolism.

I was thinking of having a GO! shake right after the workout, and then 2 hours later you aim for 40-80g carbs (high GI or simple sugars basically) and then 30-50g protein with that as well. And maybe a bottle of gatorade? How does that sound?

Sorry for getting complicated, I just want to know the what, why and when of nutrition.

Hey, by the way, should you consume High GI carbs pre-workout? I eat and then about 30mins-1hour later I am working out. So HIGH or LOW GI carbs?

Thanks for the patience.

I’m not an expert but I’d think you’d want to get most of your food down before an hour after the workout. What’s in a GO! shake?

If you want to know more about nutrition I’d recommend Also when I emailed him, he replied promptly, so he could help you way more than I can.

“a study showing that a pre-workout drink containing protein/amino acids and carbohydrates can actually promote a greater anabolic response than what can be accomplished during the post-workout period. I also suggested either slugging down some [product plug begin] Biotest Surge before and after exercise or sipping the Surge [/product plug end]during the exercise bout and then having some more after the bout.”

This article should get you on your way, if you really want to know more than you need to.

Cool. Thanks.