Post Workout Drink

I am curious what others are taking for post-workout. What products are you taking? What have you tried? What dont you like? Do you take the same thing everyday? Just tempo days, or just sprint days?

I have tried the endurox r4 on sprint days and just regular whey protein on tempo days, but think there is something better out there I just dont know what it is yet.

Have used Cytofuse, Surge, endurox… Also made up my own using chocolate milk/whey protein combo, or kool-aid/whey, gatorade/whey, etc… You get the idea. I like to save the post-workout stuff that spikes the insulin for after intense days ie if I’m doing a speed and weights session. Tempo you’re probably OK with whey or even just another whole food meal; P+C. (I believe Charlie has posted about this before).

Surge is pretty good stuff in my opinion. Gotta use it wisely though with the little servings it does have, so I only use it 2-3x per week at the most when I’m training off-season.

Good luck!

i use surge 2 times per week

it rocks

where or what websites can you get surge from?
Ive only seen t-nation. Are there others?

Has anyone tried the Proglycosyn from SNAC?

Recovery Nutrition for Athletes

great article Herb, thanks a million…NormA

“Athletes who are serious about their performance should consume a high carbohydrate-moderate protein meal (with fluid) or recovery drink after every workout, practice, and competition.”

Great article, a few thoughts and questions came up though

The article mentions, that the optimum ratio is 4:1 of carb to protein. So I know of only one recovery drinks that has around that ratio but only have around 10 - 15 grams of protein and around 50 grams of carbs. (By the way Endurox R4 which is the only ive seen with that ratio, is the official recovery drink of the NSCA) Is that supposed to be right. That cant be enough to help us repair our muscles after our workout. So when do we take the rest of the protein or more protein. As in whey protein shakes, or are those useless, after a workout and you take them an hour or 2 later.

I have seen a lot of others with a 1:1 and a 2:1 ratio. I understand the need the carbs, but the protein at around 10 -15 grams post workout seems to low to me. Maybe more of a 2:1 or even 1:1 seems more reasonable.

Thoughts suggestions?

my homemade power shake = 300ml low fat milk, 500ml water, Choc protein powder, banana, 3 scoops Dextrose, 1 cup whole grain oats. I have this 2 x pw and drink 1/2 after track work and before weights then the other 1/2 immediately post weights.

i don’t have a post workout “shake”… instead i eat a post workout meal consiting of 115 g of pasta, 100-125g of meat (chiken turkey or fish) and a bowl of salad…

Is this a bad thing?

raw eggs and kool aid 20 min before the end of workout mmmmmm

Before the end of workout?

Or you mean before and end of workout?

Anyways, how does kool-aid and raw eggs work for you james? I’m really quite interested on this topic, since food has such a large impact on recovery, and successful sprint training has a lot to do with who can recover fully and the fastest…

Anybody else want to share their pre and post workout food or drink?

raw eggs with unbroken yokes provide tha desired protein profile combined with and insulin spike ala kool aid

I thought the body doesn’t use the protein from raw eggs…or at least very little of it.

i havent found that to be true.

During the summer i was using Nox Trac pre-supplement. It contained creatine, glutamine, arginine, ethyl ester, BCAA…stuff like that. I took it half an hour before training. I really liked it. 3x per week

Then post workout, i was taking a gourmet gainer, 160g carbs, 30g protein. I took this within 20 minutes after my workout usually, 3 x per week.

I was also taking ZMA and multivitamins as other means of supplementation. and of course, eating healthy meals throughout the day and drinking lots of water:D

So most follow around a 1:1 or 2:1 carb-protein ratio.

I think Ill stay away from the kool-aid

In this study, it was shown that after ingestion of 25 g of raw egg protein, almost 50% is malabsorbed over 24 h. The higher digestibility of cooked egg protein presumably results from structural changes in the protein molecule induced by heating, thereby enabling the digestive enzymes to gain broader access to the peptide bonds. It has been suggested that the reduced digestibility of raw egg white is at least partially related to the presence of trypsin inhibitors in raw egg white (Matthews 1990).”

Seems more reasonable based on what research exactly?

Not based on any research, just from what ive seen from many other recovery drink.

SNAC the developers of ZMA have prolgcolysn and on there little blurb about it mention that they have studies that say a 1:1 ratio is best. Thats why im a little less worried about studies and what people have found to be effective by trying it.

Have you tried the 4:1 ratio? How well has it worked for you?

To me personaly 13 grams of protein after a sprint workout seems to little. For muscle repair I was always told around 30 g of protein was a good idea. With a 4:1 ratio that would mean 120g of carbs, I think I would get a little chubby for sprinting then. Maybe you have thoughts or studies that say otherwise, I am curious to seem that.

P.S. sorry if it seems like i am attacking you, I am not, and am really curious to your response as it will help me in the nutrition area. Which I think is really important.

I think you should stop watching Rocky :rolleyes:

  1. The protein intake is minimal to non existent. (fsa guidelines,power eating)

  2. Eggs contain more salmonella causing microbes than protein. It’s cooking that kills them.

  3. They’re foul and no one thinks it’s cool except your brother who watches wrestling.

Just get something down ya neck 15 minutes after and don’t ball-ache. We use viper an hour leading up to and right after.