Possibly the slowest 30m ever???

For anyone willing to see the extent of how slow i am and how much work i have a head of me then look at this clip of me doing 30m in about 4.9 seconds…
Fast or what???
Well i was as tight as fvck so i know i can go a good deal faster but man am i slow. im slow, slow slow slow slow…
Its almost funny how slow i am…
Well i’ve loads of work ahead of me.
If anyone cares to look then can you spot anything glaringly obvious. Keep in mind that i have no dynamic flexibility and struggle with high knee drills but i was especially tight tonight after a really hard session on sunday.

Just click that link then scroll down and click free. The next page is a countdown queuer so wait about 20s and you can then dl the file.

you are not opening/letting yourself open up at all.if you want to get faster you must relax…overall you are tight and with time you will injure yourself trying to push it.

3 words -

Flexibility, Recovery, Regeneration