Possible that body can't heal?

Is is possible to have a condition that stops the body’s ability to heal an injury?

Could you be more specific?

Well I just want to know in general right now- if something like that has ever been known to happen. Because it seems a little strange to say like it isn’t something that would ever happen.

this probably isn’t exactly what you are getting at, but there have been cases of psychological trauma halting the healing process. There was a story a few years ago of a rape victim who exhibited symptoms that were consistent with rape injuries sustained within the previous 24-48 hours even though the attack had actually taken place months before.

otherwise immune system disorders would be the closest comparable thing…?

Maybe the psychological trauma that causes that can come in different ways and that example was just one way.

Could it be even caused by something like not enough sleep for a while? That might tie in to the immune system disorders.

The part about immune system disorders makes sense in a way because I think that you are more vulnerable to injury right after being sick.

Chronic stress slows healing. I can give you a reference after I eat :smiley:

Okay, I don’t feel like quoting the text, but it’s from the textbook Anatomy and Physiology.

If someone truly doesn’t heal well then you might look at Diabetes as a possibility.

Autoimmune disorders, stress, diabetes, vascular disorders to name a few.



Thanks. I was pretty much just wondering.

Malnutrition. Inadequate protein, fats, minerals, or the body’s inability to process and/or assimilate the above. Always check diet first.