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If people are seriously interested and want to know some of the context PM me.

It looks like a great job.

A question the role is as performance director who

“The role of the Performance Director is to provide strategic direction and operational leadership for all aspects of Athletics New Zealand’s High Performance Programme.”

Shouldn’t the role be taken by someone who has the the required management skills with emphasis on management and not sports/human movements degree.

Good point but the sports/human movements degree is listed as a desireable qualification. I have no doubt someone would be considered who met the main criteria
To be considered for this role you will need to be a professional high performance manager with leadership, energy and the ability to create, lead and sustain change.

You will have experience in the international sports arena either as an athlete, a coach or a high performance specialist administrator and be well versed in international best practice to achieve the strategic high performance objectives of Athletics New Zealand. [/i]

all that said I see expressions of interest were due by the end of February. I haven’t heard of any appointment at this stage but am pretty sure there is a board meeting in a couple of weeks so maybe it will be announced then.

Hmmm … interesting …

I understand all going well an announcement on the successful candidate is imminent.

High Performance Director Appointed

Kevin Ankrom has been appointed high performance director of Athletics New Zealand.

Ankrom comes from Hong Kong where he was department head for the Hong Kong Sports Institute international high performance elite training centre.

He also held the Hong Kong national track and field team head coach position since 2003.

Ankrom was previously based in the States where he was the head track and field coach and held cross country coach positions for the American university Valparaiso and more recently North Carolina Wilmington. Prior to that Ankrom served three years as assistant director and national team coach for athletics in Bahrain.

Ankrom, who takes up the appointment on 30 April after an eight month recruitment programme, replaces Eric Hollingsworth who departed in May last year.

Athletics New Zealand chief executive Scott Newman said that Ankrom’s extensive network of international contacts throughout Asia, Europe and the USA as well as his 16 years of elite coaching and management experience will be an an asset to the sport.

“Kevin is ideally suited for the challenges involved in providing strategic direction and operational leadership for all aspects of Athletics New Zealand’s high performance programme,” said Newman.

“He will be working with athletes and coaches to maximise their talent and ensure they achieve excellence on the international stage. And provide depth to the athlete development pathways across all levels of the sport,” he added.

Ankrom joins Athletics New Zealand at a time when the sport’s high performance programme is better resourced than ever before. As one of SPARC’s nine performance sports with a long term focus on success at the 2012 London Olympics, there is unprecedented support and opportunities for New Zealand’s elite athletes and coaches.

For further information contact:

Scott Newman
Chief Executive
04 384 6021
027 510 3743


Anyone know much about him?