Pose Method of Running

Has it ever been discussed around here. What do u peeps think of it?

Pose Method

My take on this is that you can’t pose and run at the same time…

Maybe it can be valid for distances runs. Absolutely no application to sprinting.

The postural considerations implied are interesting and valid-and I have seen good results from triathletes and masters marathoners who used it-but at the end of the day it all goes back to having the basics in place: core strength,spinal mobility, stability ,and alignement.When everything falls in place at the right time (and it does so only by design and experience),you do not really need any additional conscious technique .

I agree with Pakewi. And I wouldn’t want my athletes to be known as posers.

The mechanics used by the top Ethiopian men and are sprint like, the difference being range of movement. They step over the knee and have upright torsos. The pose technique reminds me very much of Justin Gatlin’s sprint style. Bekele’s mechanics can be of help to sprinters who want to understand BDC as described by CF. His foot leaves the ground very close to the body. The pose technique requires a sizeable amount of knee flexion. So, I think you are correct but it should be studied as a technique not to use for top speed sprinting. sprinting.

I just watched the Romanov Pose method of running video… :confused: :rolleyes:
I think the backgroud of his phylosophy is the SPRING model of running! I am rather a PROPULSIVE model proponent, but I agree that there is also a “rebound” (or elasticity) during running that should be also developed (but not emphasised to much).
One of his rules is not extending the knee during the running??? Why not using the propulsive force, why cutting it? Maybe Nikoluski could argue about this? Nik?

On the other hand, how could such an “expert” (Romanov) have extreme external foot rotation (only in left leg) during running? I belive his m. biceps femoris is too tight and also the hip external rotatores… Opinions?

That guy sucks and his messageboard linked my article and he was "ex"posed. I will post the article here and then we drop this threa. Overcoaching is worse than overtraining.

What guy?? Romanov… (he looks funny at that video) :slight_smile: