Popping straight up!!

Here’s a question for you…
Why do I keep on popping straight up in competition?
Am I to anxious to reach top-speed?
…Never happens during training or warmup.

Am I to anxious to reach top-speed?

That would def. be my guess.

I’ve found that my accelleration from zero to thirty has improved immensely since I changed my attitude towards this part of a run. I realised that i won’t hit top speed that earlyand take it easier treating it as segment of a race, not a race to 30.

Dazed, your post caused a light bulb to come on in my head. We as competing coaches say the right things but never hear them for ourselves. Question is, what do you use to find that balance of effort? Are we strong without expending too much energy via HSI, or are we rapidly gradually accelerating or what?

Thor the question is-are you really doing this during a race,have you seen the video or are you just feeling that you are popping up?

with practice of a certain movement it becomes natural after repeting it over and over.i don’t see any reason why you should be doing it ina race and not in training.you are accustomed to running from the blocks and that movement should just happen without thought whether ina meet or training.

all you have to do is replicate what you do in training and repeat it at the meet,sounds simple and it is simple.

Thank you for your replys everyone.

Xman , I think it comes down to being relaxed when in the blocks.
I just had my third competition ever and for the first time I felt relaxed and confident and basically ready to run. Somebody false-started and when the starter blew his whistle I darted forward just like in training ,but before the second start i lost my cool and got tense.
I say that i pop right up not only because that’s how the first step feels ,but also because the next few steps ,when crouching over and trying to accelerate, feels like I’m treading in air - no sense of power whatsoever.

Thor once you know were exactly you went wrong thats great.next time you’ll know to keep focussed.learn from your mistakes!

best of luck with your meets