Pool Workouts

I hope someone can help me out with this. I have an basketball athlete that is overweight and the coach wants her to do extra workouts. I dont want here to do anymore running then we are already doing. So she is on the bike two days and the third day will be a pool workout. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for good pool workouts. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

how overweight?
Can they swim? That is do they have any background in swimming?
Do they have equipment? (suit, goggles, cap, etc)

I could help you with swimming workouts if you provide above

No need for swim suits etc.

In the pool, run on the spot for 45sec with 15sec rest for 3 sets of 10, with a 8min stretch break between sets. You can hit between 110 and 130 steps/45sec interval (make sure you get good extension)

this sounds good but might be a little rich if someone has little exp in water. Also, remember that water is 800x denser than air and at top speeds (swimming) that resistance is cubed. If the athlete has a weight issue the problem of managing of reps and exercise time becomes greater.

At this moment, I’ve built up to 2 sets of 9x60" runs with 30" rests. If I want to “move up”, should I cut down the rests (yikes), or add more reps, or increase my run times? I’m trying to move up to 400m conditioning.

What is the best water depth for this protocol and for full extension would one have to somewhat bounce if running on the spot? Thanks.

She can swim, not a world class swimmer, but she will not drown. We have float belts and kickboards.

For the other questions she is about 50 pounds overweight (they just let her go and didn’t really care about her. Now they want her to perform). It is very sad. I think if she loss 20-25pounds, she could play at least 15-20 min a game. The reason they want her now is she is a great shooter. Anything that you can provide will help and be greatly appreciated.

If you’re heavy, it’s the pounding you want to avoid. The vwater lets you spread the work around over the widest number of muscles- work is as Tamfb outlined. That workout will see results!

Assuming the working effort is at, around, the level of one’s VO2 max, per the skeletal muscular effort for that specific activity, (40sec work: 20sec rest x 12 repeats per series) has been suggested by Dr. Issurin to me as an effective means of developing aerobic capacity.

so this is quite similar to what you have outlined here.

the total number of series must obviously coincide with the individual’s tolerance for that type of work and also weighed against the bioenergetic demands of their discipline.