Pool Workouts

A few questions about the pool workouts. I see that you suggest 45sec on/15sec off for two sets of ten. Well, at what intensity should the runs be done? At a lower intensity (like tempos are done) or more of a faster run? Also, when do you suggest using the pool workouts? I would guess when fatigue is present and you want to get the athlete off their feet for recovery purposes.

According to Charlie, it is just another form of a tempo workout. So use the same intensities as he quotes for tempo “low intensity work”. They can be used as variety for normal tempo work. If there is an injury you can work without hurting it and it helps to reduce the pounding that you get from the track.

Ashbury Park
The intensity of the pool workouts should be low. Low intensity for each person will vary and depend on the frequency of pool workouts performed by each person.
As time and consistency progresses the individual will need to improve the number of strokes/45sec rep. or the benefit/workload will be reduced.
I have found that most non-athlete active people are capable of doing 100 to 110 knee lifts per 45 seconds relatively easily. If the person begins doing pool 1 or 2x a week over 2 or more weeks the numbers should increase to 115/125 and I have reached at my best training 160( very hard to sustain and I was in my best shape ever and love the pool)

Angela Coon

Actually, i just did a pool workout this morning. My knee is a little sore from squats so i wanted to get off my feet to give it a little rest. Did 2x10 of 45/15. Was definitely harder than the last time is was in the pool as my work capacity has dropped a little due to a lot of travel. I have not counted knee lifts yet, but will do so next time in the pool. Thanks for the heads up.

Once you start counting your knee lifts you will develop a profile of high and low numbers.
When I am using the pool to recover I keep the numbers low and just go thru the motion of running and get no higher than 120.
When I was running and using the pool as a replacement for tempo I tried to make the pool similar in effort to that of my tempo depending on how fast my speed was and how good I felt.
Angela Coon

counted knee lifts this morning…Gotta admit 102 knee lifts isn’t a walk in the park. Wanted to get a tempo workout in and ended up having my count around 130 for most of the sets. Granted, my fitness level has dropped a little in the past few weeks. But, i like using the count as a marker. Good stuff!