Pool Tempo

How would you do a pool tempo work out that would be equal to doing a 4 x 200 at 80% with say a 1 minute rest between reps?
Also when doing a pool work out with an aqua-jogger belt, do you just drive your knees up and down like a high knee drill? I have tried to cycle my legs to imitate the sprinting motion but that does not seem get my heart rate up.

If you can do 4 x 200 at 80% of best PB with only one minute rest you’ll be my hero :wink:

I find running in the deep end for sets of 30-45 seconds works great.

for example:

12 x (30 seconds running As in the deep end) with 30 seconds rest between sets.


You can do pool the day after a hard training session. I usually do 45 sec on 15 sec off. I stand right in front of a clock or timer. Try to get 120-145 steps per minute in chest deep water.

Hope that helps!!!