Poll- which spikes do you use for races?

Obviously the runner makes the spikes not the other way around.

Similar spikes were grouped together as options. Don’t gripe if they aren’t that similar, I was trying to get as many options onto the poll as possible.

Sorry for not having an “other” option. My joke option about El-G’s world record spike made too many choices. So I guess just list it in your post.

Cheers. I’ll start it off: I wear a variety of spikes, from those too crappy to list(nike rivals) to the Lite-nings.

How do you like the lite-nings and how do they fit? My school has a deal with them, but I want to see whether or not it is worth the discount.

They fit fine in my normal size and work well enough 100-400 imo. I like them pretty nice. Depends how much discount and what spikes you are comparing them to. i.e:



they are real damn light. also the plate is agressive but not overly so. Its also doesn’t have a ton of give but isn’t really stiff. Asics did a pretty decent job with these.

Depends on the discount and what your comparing it to.

The only spike on the horizon that seems to be in the same class as the lite-ning and powercats(imo the 2 best on the market) is the Nike Big Brotha with the original celar plate(Monty’s WR).

I can get them for about $60 (40% off) maybe even less… I am thinking it’s worth it since most decent spikes are ~ that or > anyway.

What do you guys think about the Monsterflys? They any good?

u should made the poll so we can vote for 2. superfly and celar