Poliquin Performance Center

I had to go to a sports injury doctor due to a lower back injury reated with football/lifting. I live in Illinois and the doctor knew about a Poliquin gym opening up in Green Oaks. It is headed by Mike Bystol. I was thinking about looking into this. The problem is that lifting attendance is mandatory at my HS. My coach wouldn’t really let me train elsewhere. Also, my lifting progress is pretty good and I feel I am knowledgeable enough to continue on my own. Any opinions?

I dn’t know anything about the local set-up. you need to decide for yourself depending on your situaton.

This is just your coach wanting to control the variables (as a good coach should). Lifting too much will not help you so you can’t do both.

If you lifting progress is good then why the sudden need to go somewhere else? Unless the lifting is interfering with your sport training why worry too much. Do you really think that this new gym will make you that much better?

Be careful of thinking you know what you are doing (I did this when I was younger and in hindsight didn’t really know anything and tore my left tricep as a result).

In my experience, the way to recognise that you are finally becoming knowledgable in a field of dicipline is the point when you realise how much you still have to learn.

Althernativley, if your coach isn’t really helping you or giving you support then maybe the other place would be better…

Unless there is a serious reason and you are desperate for a change -which apparently isn’t the case- stick with your coach!