Plyos or heavy weights (if you had to choose one)

If you could only use either plyometric exercises (including ones with resistance, so weighted jump squts would count as a plyo too) or heavy lifting, for the rest of your training, which would you choose? and why?

You are funny…

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Why would you limit yourself to one of them? Strength is important, plyos is important.

Neither because it’s a stupid fucking question. You don’t have to choose one or the other and wondering idly which you would choose is absolutely fucking dumb.

relax there buddy. it’s not a serious question thats forcing you to choose one, it’s asking which has more benifits.

So you’re saying incorporate them both if all but absolutely humanly possible? Actually, you aren’t saying anything. You are just angry and yelling at your computer.

Not a very logical way to think about things since elements inherently interact.

lol it’s basically a question of, would you rather be doing lots of plyometric training (bounds,jumps,hops, etc.) or heavy squats/deads/bench/etc.

when you look at the two ( max s v plys) which one relates more specifically to sprinting?

RFD ( rate of force development) of plys is closer than RFD with max s- so if you had to choose you may pick plys- absolute max s really has no role for sprinters, other than getting hurt.

ideally you want to stay in the 80% of 1R max 4-6reps.

Again, elements interact and make this question incoherent and illogical. It also depends on the sprinting program and the athletes’ propensities. A combination approach almost always beats out any exclusive method.

Not sure on that. Have trialled the 3 different methods. Wgts, Plyo, Wgts& Plyos.
Outcome was very similiar for all. It must be noted that you must use what is on offer. If no wgts are available then plyo’s it is. For my preference I would say Plyo’s based on the faster contact/reaction times.

Rather than lash out, perhaps you could share examples of sprinters you’ve worked with and how choosing one or the other might have adversely affected them on the track?

For the first 2 years of my training with Charlie @ age 26 I never lifted a weight. I only did plyos which included lots of med ball drills, box jumps and power speed. The reasoning behind this was to lay a strong foundation with ligaments and tendons for a longer, healthier career. I had very little organized background in track training ( despite ranking 3rd in Canada as a Junior).
It is highly unlikely that everyone has access to ideal training situations. In fact most don’t.
This means you need to be creative to get the job done and if there is a choice that has to be made picking plyos whould be the way to go for sure especially when it comes to sprinting.
You can get a ton done with a med ball and a wooden box or crash pads.
Critical comments can be useful for debating facts but the use of profanity is not helpful.
In my experience I have never felt humiliated for asking the brightest minds curious open minded questions.

Doesn’t help when someone goes to 1000 different forums asking the same retard questions.

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I am disappointed in some for not directing the conversation here in a more helpful way. Who cares about other sites?
The balance over the force/time curve is a vital consideration which will shift according to both training requirements, time, and, surprisingly, the taper phase as well - and not always how you might expect.
I go through this in detail in a number of areas but I have summarized the arguments in the weights lecture series available from the site store. If you don’t have it, you should IMO.

yep have it from a while ago, and just watched it today. good info.

If genetics are good, plyo’s all day long.

Incidentally, My 40 times lowered considerably when I dropped weights all together. Slow, heavy movements, increasing mass etc did nothing for my 40. In fact pilates, stretching everyday, reducing muscle mass & conditioning the “pilates powerhouse” did more for me than 2 years of weights ever did.

I’m still trying to work out how heavy weights translates to higher explosive limb movements. 1000lb squatters can’t cross the road without turning red. The rubbish that is spoken about Westside lifters, olympic weightlifters all being fast, etc. Thats BS. I’ve seen skinny guys running faster 40’s than guys lifting in the gym for years. Look at Kim Collins, Carl Lewis etc. I once read Carl Lewis’s times increased when he started lifting. How true?.

My question would be how long after the weights were deleted before the 40 times came down? It could be they did help but did so some time after they were removed.