Please I need some help Charlie !!!

Hello everyone !!! At first I would like excuse my person for my poor english (sorry but I can´t speak English ussually)

Well the fact is that I´m absolutely new in speed training and I don´t know exactly how to begin.I´m trying to order some of your books but I´m having problems with that (maybe cause I ´live in Europe?)

In other hand I´m 26 years old (I think ´maybe I´m so old to achive great goals :frowning: ) but I´m pretty enough fast without any especifical training and I think that I can compete in my country with pretty results if I start to train for serious.

So I would lot of pleased if you could help me to design my workout until I will get ordered the books.

I´m experienced with weigth training so I´m thinking in begin with 3 or 4 weitgh days for week,and include some of tempo training and plyometrics…this could be rigth? :confused:

So many thanks for the answers!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome…to…the…site :smiley:
Just kidding, write a sample program out and others will help you fill in the blanks and give some advice. eg. of sample:
mon:weights & plyos
tues: tempo
etc etc

Well I think I´m gonna start with nthe following routine:

Mondays:weights + tempo

tuesday:plyo + ( optional :confused: ) sprint drills

thursday:weigths + tempo

friday:plyo + sprint drills

saturday:weigths + tempo

wednesday and sunday rest

But I have some questions about it…

1- is good idea working sprint drills in that beggining phase?

2- is OK mix plyo with sprint drills at the same day?

3- what kind of tempo training could be better for me to beguin in the 100 and 200 meters dash?

4- I´m having lot of difficulties to performe the SNATCH.Could I change it for another exercise (wich)?

Well tha´s all for now :o thanks everyone for your help!!!

Welcome to the forums!

If your goal is to get faster in the sprints, then that should be the main focus of your training. Everything else comes second. So the basic principle is sprint as much as you can as long as you keep it high quality. This means stop training when you begin to lose form and make sure you recover enough between sessions. After you sprint, then you can do plyos and lift weights. In between these session, do something to help you recover for the next session (such as tempo which are low intensity runs at less than 75%.)

So the basic template is:
Day 1: Sprint, then plyos, then weights
Day 2: Tempo
Day 3: Sprint, then plyos, then weights
Day 4: Tempo
Day 5: Sprint, then plyos, then weights
Day 6: Tempo
Day 7: Rest

Volumes, types of sprints, types of plyos, intensity, etc will vary depending on your overall yearly plan, which phase you are in, etc, etc. But this should get you started.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you should work on speed pretty much all year. Early in the General Preparation Phase (GPP) you will focus on acceleration and shorter speed work usually by running up a gentle hill

  2. Yes, but since the focus is on speed work, do the plyos after your sprints.

  3. A typical tempo workout for a 100m sprinter would look like this (from CFTS):

1st set 100+100+100 (meters)
2nd set 100+200+100+100
3rd set 100+100+200+200
4th set 100+200+100+100
5th set 100+100+100

The + symbol indicates a 50m walk for recovery between repetitions. Walk about 100m between sets. All runs are at less than 75% intensity. Do this work on a grass field if possible.

  1. You certainly don’t have to do the snatch. Do a few more sets of squats, cleans or deadlifts.

well I just wanna say THANKS !

I´m lot of pleased with the way all you help me.

In other side I have some more questions :o :

1- during GPP phase or fall , How often can I test my bests?

2- Should I do the sprint drills at the highest intensity (all out)? What is the recommended intesity to performe the sprint drills?

3- what kind of sprint drills are the best for a new sprinter? what´s about power hills (should I include them in my workout during GPP?

THanks again for all your answers , all you are helping me a lot :slight_smile:

More of my answers:

  1. I personally don’t get out the stopwatch during GPP. Mostly because virtually all of the work is done on hills, so it doesn’t make for good comparisons if I am running different hills. I’m not sure what Charlie would recommend in this regard.

  2. If you are working on speed, then you will need to go fast. The recommendation is to do all speed work at 90%+. Manipulating the intensity of your sprinting in the 90/95/100% range is perhaps the most challenging aspect of sprint training.

  3. The best sprint drill is to simply sprint while staying relaxed! I’m not sure what you mean by a power hill, but in GPP, you will do most of your early sprint work running up a hill, but it should not be too steep. Other recommended sprint drills are things like skips and bounds.

The only time I would use a stopwatch during GPP would be to monitor consistency perhaps (i.e., time and more importantly effectiveness of recovery) and terminate the session earlier, if needed and/or check duration of the distance run; with the athlete knowing nothing, of course…

Hello everyone , I´ve started to train yesterday and the feelings were great but today I´m lot of sore (I suppose because my lack of a solid base)

I´m thinking in performe a most long to normal gpp period to achieve a better base,however there are some thigns that have borken my plans.

1- The work in the drills makes me get too tired to train with weights after , so could be a good idea to train with weights on the days I performe tempo training (instead of the days that I do plyometrics and sprint drills)?

2- I´m performing my first training days on the grass (around the track) and I´m getting too sored :mad: but not too tired.
should I stop training? (if so that gonna kill me!!!)

3- There are not good hills near of the place I train :frowning: .Hills are good for the gpp perio, aren´t they?
coulb be good idea planning some training day on a different place with good hills?

well thanks again , be with god!!! :slight_smile:

NO! Use whatever yo have left for weight training. If there is not much, then so be it. The idea of putting in the tempo is to give your body a chance to recover between speed workouts. Don’t worry, you will get used to this style of training and will be able to put out more in the weight room, especially if you do a good GPP.

2- I´m performing my first training days on the grass (around the track) and I´m getting too sored :mad: but not too tired.
should I stop training? (if so that gonna kill me!!!)

If you are getting too sore, that means you are doing too much too soon. Take your time and slowly work up to greater volumes. Listen to your body!

3- There are not good hills near of the place I train :frowning: .Hills are good for the gpp perio, aren´t they?
coulb be good idea planning some training day on a different place with good hills?

Virtually all of your speed work in early GPP will be on hills, So finding some good hills will be the #1 priority for you in GPP. As you move to SPP, you will spend less time on the hills and more time at the track. If you pick up a copy of the GPP DVD, it lays out the entire plan for GPP. Including hill work, tempo, warmup, drills, plyos, weights, medicine ball work, etc.

Well , today I´m relly sored LOL :smiley: I´m thinkin in take 2-3 days of rest because of my soreness.

I will try to order the gpp dvd today but I have some questions about the content of that dvd

I´m having problems to understand the performing of some of the sprint drills (because my language , remenber that I´m from Spain :o ) and I guess if the DVD includes movies about the correct perfomance of the drills

By other side yesterday I´ve found at the forum a sample of gpp phase by John Smith , it looks good but I can´t understand some terms like:

“20m cruise to 20m accel to 20m cruise”

“30m fly”

“cariocas” and some more… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Anyway lot of thanks again , you´re great!!!
Be with god!!!

“20 m easy, 20 m fast, 20 m easy”
Mmm… This reminds me of something… :rolleyes:
Get the GPP DVD, if you can!

Hello again!!!

well I´m having a lot of problems to order the gpp dvd.I suppose it´s because of my lack of practice in shopping at internet , anyway I´m desperado waiting to find out the way to order that dvd.

I´ve bought occasionally some items at i-net , to be more concret at , but never in this times before I had found such difficulties. :frowning:

I´m really interested in that dvd cause I´m absolutely novice and I want to get the best profit of my age before I get deffinitely old to compite. :mad:

Well I´m still trying get the dvd ordered…
However could you tell me if the typicall sprint drills are explained with movies samples?

thanks :o

Caballo Viejo,
I am sure Rupert can help you with your order; try again, or contact the site.
As far as the GPP DVD is concerned, you won’t be disapointed; everything is explained into depth along with pictures, demonstrations, etc!
Good luck with that order! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: