Please Help!!!!!!

I have a friend that has an injury that bothers her for 3 years now. Her symptoms involve her sciatic nerve. It started in her right leg, with shooting pains starting from her but down…mostly right where the hamstring meets the but. the pain switched to the left side and in the same spot (pain mostly in the fold where the hamstring meets the butt) and shoots down. Each stride is a stabbing/shooting pain, and sitting for more than 15 or 30 min. results in burning and shooting random pains down to her calf. she has been to physical therapy, chiropractors, and has recieved two epiderals and has had no relief. Her MRI showed a fissure in a disk, and also showed a buldge in her lower back as well. basically she wants to know if anyone may have any idea regarding to how to solve her problem b/c she really wants to get back to practice.

Who did she take the MRI results to? What recommendations did they make? What is the current treatment?

I have had the same problem that lasted for about 2 years.I had cortisone injections that had a band-aid effect, good for six week then back to square one again, three times. I went to an ostyopath and tried to keep running, but really struggled after a training sessions and race days to the point that i had to keep checking to feel if there was a deep cut where my hamstring met my glute because that was what it felt like a burning knife pain. Anyway after countless different therapists visits and scans, i was told that i had a buldged disc between L5 , S1 where the sciatic nerve comes out of the spinal cord. As a result my sacroiliac joint was locked up on the effected side to protect the disc and it snow balled from there. My glutes were tight to protect my sacroiliac joint that was locked up to protect my disc to help it heal, that is how the body works i guess. When i was running my glutes weren’t firing up properly which put added stress on the hamstring to pull my leg through so you end up with an inflamed tendon near the butt. I was lucky enough to find a pyshio that was pretty switched on to help with the problem. He work on my disc, unlocked my sacroiliac joint, Lossened my glutes, made me rest, put me through core muscle exersice programs which i still do. It took about 4-5 month but i got back to normal and back to training hard and racing with no pain at all. I guess you need to tell your friend there is a light at the end of the tunnel because it can become very depressing, Now i just keep a strong core and watch my form in the weights room. Hope this helps your friend understand the injury a bit more

sorry for the late reply, but thanks alot for ur posts, it really did give her a lot of hope and something to aim for.