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1 mile warmup (5:42)
drills, skips etc.
4000m tempo
GPP bodyweight exercises

Jog 5 laps in lane 8 (8:00)
Hurdle Mobility
6x400 @1500/ 62-65 rest 1:30
800m cooldown (tempo)
Multi-jump circuit (SLJ into pit, split jumps, tucj jumps)

Hip Snatch, Split Cleans & Jerks to warmup- 135
Hang Squat Clean(and jerk on a few)-10x1
225 ___----275
Speed Snatch Grip Deads 6x1-325

Medballs (OHB, Soccer throw, Chest pass, etc.)

A mile “warmup” in 5:42?! That’s… uhh… pretty quick for a warmup. Oh yah and I read your journal Muhahaha! You’re journal has been desanctified!

Edit: Good to know that you’d like to keep as little on your journal outside of pure info/running logs etc. I’ll try and keep my posts on your journal as limited and terse as possible (and at the very least witty :stuck_out_tongue: )

Honestly constructive criticism and what not is always welcome. But there are a lot of people that have nothing better to do than try and start arguments. (I don’t want this to become page after page of useless crap. I want to keep it for my records, and for people who wish to help me out or learn form my journal.) The thing is if it was real life, they wouldn’t be starting a damned thing with me. That’s the thing with the internet, everyone is on equal ground. Not the case in real life, where certain people would need to get on my level before talking to me the way they do.

Palmtag, I def. don’t mind you commenting and what not.

As for 5:42 mile, anything slower than about 6:00 pace feels forced. I don’t want to intentionally go slower just cause it’s the norm. Also I keep my legs so fresh (tempo in place of steady runs, on grass for most sessions), I’m ready to go straight out the gate.

1 mile warmup
4200m tempo
bodyweight circuit
800m cooldown

abs/core later on before bed

1.5 mile warmup
30 minutes of barefoot tempo on grass