Please Critique my technique.

Hi, I don’t post much on this forum because I’m kind of new. I would just like a detailed analysis of my technique please. I lack speed because I haven’t train on track properly before. My PR’s are 11.42s and 24.10s. I ran those time when I was 13 and 14.
I’m 17 now.

Here below is a link to my video. Please help tell me what I can improve in my technique and what type of circuits I can do to have perfect speed maintenance because it seem so to be lacking.

My Running

I’m the guy with the Adidas DeMOlishers with the gray top.

Thanks, God bless

Read through the forums, there is such a great amount of info. Read through the beginners section, many of your questions may have already been answered. Then if you have specifics, fire away with those. Search function always helps too. :cool:

I went to go look at your video also and your links don’t seem to work… Is that just me?

Sorry about that, I’ve changed the link. I put a link of my website, lol. I’ve put the link to my running video

I’m pretty sure most of you have Windows Media Player.

Thanks, God bless

from 0-20m you look good but your form changes when you get up to full position.your leg action needs work in full position and also the arms are opened up to much on the backswing.fix the arms first and maybe the legs will follow but overall not bad at all

It looks to me you have a very slight amount of eccess arm opening which could be from a variety of factors. It also looks as if you have a slight amount of overstriding going on once you get to your transition phase, concentrate on a different mental cue such as feeling up and down movement of the legs (like pistons) morso than feeling longer striding.

I do comprehensive biomechanical analysis based on joint angles for a fee if you are interested. Where do you train? If you are in the U.S. and close to NY I’d be willing to work with you, but it sounds like the gents filming you have a british accent. Anyhow, if you are interested you can contact me.

Film yourself on a tripod next time, the video wasn’t too sloppy, but the more steady the video, the better. God BlessU2.

Looks like you have low hip height… How often do you work on drills? I also agree with the overstriding/arm swing critique, but with a little bit of tweaking it shouldn’t be a problem. I do notice a bit of heel-to-toe also when you are upright.

While your technique does have some slight flaws involved with the angles, they shouldn’t be too hard to fix. Most problems involved with technique have a flawed mental cue that the athlete is associating with being able to run faster.

Do some research on what forces and kinetics are involved with faster running speeds and form your own mental cues during practice to work on these elements individually. When race time comes, you should not be focusing on any sole aspect of your race, things should be automatic and limited to as few mental cues as possible, say 1-2.

The best performances tend to be thoughtless (99.99999% of the time), just remember that. So what ever you work on in practice, let it translate into one thought during race time…confidence.

God Bless, Jay

Thanks guys for the critiques. I will work on those things that have been stated.
I haven’t trained before properly. and that was the 4th time I’ve been on track through-outt his year because of personal reasons.
I hardly do any drills, but practise some techniqal stuff at home such as running up the stairs to build power in legs for drive phase. Everything that I’ve been doing at home (circuits) has not fully translated yet onto the track. But when I start training as often, then I should be ok. I’m working on technique so that I can master it, and speed with come along. Thanks guys, KEEP THE CRITIQUES COMING!


Since members are commenting upon this…
Elbows down, not back and
Easy on the head after acceleration.
Forget everything about legs/hips, as you are still “new” to training…
Hope it helps!