Please critique my sprints, depth jumps, and jump squats

I have an idea of what could be wrong, but I’d like to hear what others have to say.

You spend a lot of time on the floor during your depth jumps - you should try to rebound off the floor as quick as possible.

Haha. I was trying to jump as fast as I could. I have horrible reactive ability. Do you think I shouldn’t let my feet dorsiflex as much?

What height is the box? It looks quite high to me and appears your heels touch the ground. I have always understood the box height should be determined by your ability to keep them up.

Accept my input as fact and I mean no offense what so ever,

I see a great deal of issues stemming from what I know to be an insufficient degree of postural strength and general preparation as a whole.

Very quickly:


  • sloppy arm drive
  • heavy footed

Depth jump

  • as you walk to the box it is evident that you valgus stress at the knees and it appears that you might be flat footed
  • my opinion is that the depth jump is far too advanced a training stimulus for level of preparation and I don’t see you getting much out of it

Jump Squat

  • valgus knee stres
  • ankle inversion
  • this exercise is beyond your needs as well

Looking at you, you have a long way to go with respect to developing morphologically before you are fundamentally prepared for more intensive means such as depth jumps and jump squats.

You have very poor muscular development and poor posture/movement mechanics.

you, with respect, are an excellent representation of the dangers of the technological age; as I see and know of far too many athletes and younger coaches who get way ahead of themselves, from a training/coaching standpoint, as a direct reflection of what they are reading and seeing on the internet.

Trust me what I state that it is in your best interests to assemble a training program based upon rudimentary calisthenics, low load postural exercises/isometric supports, high volume abdominal work, high volume/low intensive med ball throws ,mobility drills, power speed drills, and extensive runs/tempo.

I agree. Get the fundamentals in place first and alway jump according to tolerance/rebound ability, whatever and whenever that might be.

Damn, I wanted to say the samething but didn’t want to be an asshole. I knew someone would have the balls. lol

Just stating the facts. It’s not my intention to come off as being abrasive.

I don’t think you came off as rude, but it’s funny because I was thinking the samething. Typical young athlete who wants to use all of his advice tools to get the job done.

Are you capable of passing the test/drills below?

20min intensive dym warmup:
Push-ups 50
sit ups 100
parallel dips 25
strict pull ups 10
1000 med ball throws

No question, there are a sea of them out there; as well as coaches.

Harsh, but incredibly appreciated. I very much like to hear stuff like this so I don’t make mistakes in the future. I had the flu about a month ago and it really messed me up and I lost a lot of strength. I should have did a strength phase before trying to go into more explosive stuff.

Also, I believe I have knocked knees and I just never really had them…fixed? No doctor has ever said anything about it.

So I’m going to reread everything in that post, but what is something I should do as far as a program? I was looking over the products here but couldnt figure out the right one to get for me. Any suggestions?

BTW, just so you know my stats:
5’8’’ 180lbs
Squat: 365lbs
Deadlift: 435lbs
Bench: 260lbs
10 yard dash: 1.8x(self timed, stop watch in hand)
40 yard dash: 5.1x(self timed…)

Again, thank you for the help.

For the first 6-8 weeks I would stick with:

30m intensive warmup
Bodyweight movements 3-4x10-15
Low intensive throws 600-1200 reps
High intensive throws 20-60 reps
1000-2000m ext tempo runs
200-300m 10-40m hills runs

If I was given a week just to condition for that, I’m sure I could do those.

You’re very welcome.

Additional note, given the postural/mechanical issues that are evident when you walk, jump, and sprint, I would wager a large sum that your form on the tonic lifts, especially the squat and deadlift are far from what I would deem as acceptable.

For that reason, I strongly caution you against using those 1RMs as a reference for any sub-max weight training.