Please critique my HS track plan

Is there a way I can post an excel spreadsheet on the site?

you can go to and post anything you like. You can then add a link to your putfile site where we could download it. Not sure about posting it directly though.

Thanks big rock - I’ll work on it.

OK, I’m not smart enough to use Putfile so I hope this is understandable. I am the football and track coach at a small high school. Most of my track athletes are just out to be better fb and bb players. I want them to make gains in their acceleration / fb speed / strength, but I also want them to be versatile enough to run up to 400 or 800 meters.
I have included my plan for Feb 27 through March. The goal is to improve acceleration, but also raise their endurance enough to run the longer distances. Three days a week we will do some light bounding / plyos followed by some accerations at 95-100% with walk back recovery. I have also added some SE work to prepare them for meets. In between speed days, we will do extensive tempo (distance runners will run the long distance listed). I am hoping to get the tempo volume to 3000 by the beginning of April.
I am not totally sure what will happen in April. They will have 4 days off for Easter, then we will hit it hard for 4 weeks before tapering the week of districts and finish with the state meet on May 18-20.
Around here it seems like most people just train everyone but the 1 and 2 milers to be 800 runners, but they also run some sprints. You pretty much put your best athletes in 4 events and then fill in the holes.
At a bare miminum, they will do an upper lift (in morning) and a lower lift (after a speed workout) each week.
Most of the tracksters that will do this entire workout (the “competitors”) are fairly well conditioned from basketball and wrestling. Strength wise, they can all at least bench their body weight and squat 1.5 times their BW with good form. I know that is general.
I am sure I am missing some important info you will need. Feel free to pick this apart. Will I improve the athleticism of these athletes, not only track wise, but for FB, BB, etc? I know it is not optimal, but will they see growth? Any help is appreciated.

27 - 15 Jumps - 6 X 10, 2 X 20, 1 X 40 - 200 - 1+ mile run / jog

28 - Tempo 8 X 200 or LSD 3 miles

1 - 16 jumps - 5 X 10, 3 X 20, 1 X 40 - 300 - 1+ mile run

2 - Tempo 9 X 200 or 3 miles

3 - 17 jumps - 4 X 10, 4 X 20, 1 X 40 - 300, 100 - 1+ mile run

4 - Tempo / long run over weekend

6 - 18 jumps - 3 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 40 - 300, 200 - 1+ mile run

7 - Tempo 10 X 200 or 3 miles

8 - 19 bounds - 4 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 40 - 300, 300 - 1+ mile run

9 - Tempo 11 X 200 or 3 miles

10 - 20 bounds - 4 X 10, 4 X 20, 2 X 40 - 500 - 1+ mile run

Tempo / long run over weekend

13 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 10 yd 1 leg bounds - 3 X 10, 3 X 20, 3 X 40 - 300, 200, 200 - 1+ mile run

14 - Handoffs, blocks - Tempo 12 X 200 or 3 miles

15 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 10 yd 1 leg bounds - 2 X 10, 2 X 20, 2 X 40, 1 X 60 - 300, 300, 200 - 1+ mile run

16 - Handoffs, blocks - Tempo 3 X 300, 8 X 200 or 3 miles

17 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 15 yd 1 leg bounds - 2 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 40, 1 X 60 - 300, 300 - 1+ mile run

Tempo / long run over weekend

20 - Pre-Meet (handoffs, specialties)

21 - Audubon 22 - Specialties, active recovery

23 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 20 yd 1 leg bounds - 2 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 50 - 300, 300, 200 - 1+ mile run

24 - Handoffs, blocks - Tempo 2 X 400, 6 X 300 or 3 miles

25 - Tempo / Long Run

27 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 20 yd 1 leg bounds - 3 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 50 - 400, 300, - cool down

28 - Handoffs, blocks - Tempo 4 X 300, 7 X 200 or 3 miles

29 - Pre-Meet

30 - Tri-Center

31 - 20 Bounds, 1 X 20 yd 1 leg bounds - 3 X 10, 3 X 20, 2 X 50 - specials / premeet - 200, 400 - cool down Tempo / Long Run over weekend

You might want to cut down on the volume of work and focus a lil bit more on quality later in the season, Ex: instead of 7x300 u might want to do 3x300 at a faster pace and lil bit more of a full recovery. And mabe you might want to keep the speed workouts under 8seconds cause most people reach max speed by 6 to 7 seconds, you dont want to over do the cns of any given athlete so you want to say have speed work out followed by power lifting after workout then on the following day do tempo running. But you dont want to ever do speed on day x then plyo’s on day y, since they both work on the cns of the athlete, other than that it looks pretty good just make sure that they are iceing(mabe you could get a tub of ice for them to at least knee deep) and what ever other types injury prevention you can offord or have. Stretch the hips really well since they are in my opinion the most important part of running. And mabe you could sub in some of the plyo days with sprint days of ex: 5x40, 1x50, 3x60 (at full speed-but hey if the athlete go’s say a pr on the 50 you dont nesseceirly have to have him do the rest since the cns is probably maxed out for the time. Hope it can help, i said what i know.

Austin - Thanks for your suggestions.
I am not sure I understand what you mean by sub for the plyo days. The way I wrote the workouts are probably too confusing. On MWF, I have speed days. The first numbers are the number of bounds / foot contacts. The second numbers 1 X 10, etc are short sprints. The number after that is a SE rep or three. The 1+ mile run is a cool down / general conditioner.
Hopefully that made sense. I would like to hear what anyone else has to say. If I need to write it over in a more understandable format, let me know, and I’ll find a way. Thanks

Now i understand. But if you have meets on Saturdays you probably wont want to do a speed work out on the Friday befor since that would be useing up alot of the CNS energy, and no heavy lifting if any at all.

I understand on the hi / low CNS stuff. The only meets we have are included. They are during the week - never on Saturday or Sunday, but any other day. Am I overdoing the acceleration work by going 3 times a week (MWF)? Should I cut out the 2nd acceleration workout of the week, and make only 2 such days? Maybe make the 2nd workout a general conditioning day / lactate threshold day?
Also, will the 3 high CNS days + the heavy volume of extensive temp lead to burnout? These are things I am worried about. I suppose I’ll just have to see how it is going and modify if necessary.
Thanks again - all suggestions are valued.

Well every athlete is a lil different so whats good for the geese is not allways good for the gander, dealing with burn out. But if i was you i might take down the number of reps for the tempo runing down by like one or two toward the comp time. And no i dont think your over doing the accel. work, but if you want to do just a core traing day i think that would great, it would help the athletes farther down the line in any sport plus it will make the athletes have a lil more fun, you know not having to run every day, and yea i think that it would help them stay fresh allowing for more recovery of the muscles tha is sumtimes needed. And yea you will probably just to see whats working as far as burn outs going, thats what every coach i know does. Hope i could be of some survice to you.