Please critique my diet

I’ve just begun in the (last 2 weeks) a steady sort of diet, that I feel I can keep consistent. I pieced together bits and pieces that I’ve picked up from lurking here and over at avant, regeneration lab, rugged etc…and id like a little critical advice if possible from the experts here.

I’m 29yo been training since age of 14 in various disciplines, boxing, Thai boxing, grappling, MMA, BB, Olympic lifting but for the last 18 months I’ve been concentrating on powerlifting.

I weigh around 100kg at 180cm tall
I’m very active training on a Westside template with 2 extra days of GPP
Bodyfat levels I’m not sure about, but all my life I have carried a little extra all over my body (like an extra layer of clothes) I’m not fat, but I’m not lean :frowning:

While aesthetics are not really a high priority, I would like to continue to get stronger while not getting too much heavier, 105 – 110kg would be my ‘limit’, staying at 100 would be optimal. Ive been a little worried that I could be reaching my ‘limit’, im drug free and squat/dead 650 with no equipment, so I really want to maximise everything I have control over

Anyway so this is what I eat…

Either Mancakes or cottage cheese + fresh pineapple
Protein shake CC + wpi (if I wont get a chance to eat again for a while or not training till afternoon) or straight wpi (if training early morn)
Vit C 2000mg
Fish oils 2g

Tinned Tuna or Lean minced beef + beans (need to pack a lunch to take to university)
Fruit (usually apples or pears)

Pre/during workout
50/50 mix of wpi and maltodex (just small amount around 15g of each) in 1.5l of water

Post workout
Wpi + Maltodex 30:60 ratio
Vit C
Mixed in dark grape juice and water 20:60 ratio
700ml total

Some sort of lean meat, either lamb or beef, roasted, with minimum oil
Sweet potatoes/zucchini/ broccoli or whatever veg I have in the fridge

Natural Yogurt + flax oil

Pre bed
Protein shake (version of clemsons anti catabolic cocktail with the things I can afford or have available)
Vit C 2000mg

I probably have a lot of holes in that program, so if you can please point those out I will be most appreciative!

Do you have the macronutrient breakdown and calorie count for this diet?

On first glance:

Move the cottage cheese from breakfast to your Supper meal.

I would split the servings of vitamin c from 2000 mg to 1000 mg and take them spread out evenly over the day.

Pre-workout - add 1000mg of vitamin C and if you are able 800 iu of vitamin E.

Drop the maltodextrin and grape juice post-workout and replace it with dextrose or vitargo. Take the creatine near the end of your workout - about 20 mins before the carbs

Supper - lose the yogurt. Replace it with the cottage cheese from breakfast.

Other than that it looks pretty good, I’m just nitpicking. :smiley: