Please, critics on this

4 week cycle(just 4weeks before a big meet)

each Microcyle(MIC) could be repeated up to 4-6 times and then it would be a Mesocycle(MEC):

So, folllowing program:

1st MIC / MEC 1(4-6weeks)

MO weights 3x8-10
TU tempos at 100%(long rests)
WED submaximum techniquel runs(60-1 00m)
THU rest
FR splitted: wights 3x8 lower body + plyos
SA splitted: speed work+weights upper body
SUN rest

2nd MIC / MEC 2(4-6weeks)

MO weights upper body 3x8-10
TU speed work or tempos+ weights lower body
WED rest
THU splitted: weights 3x8 lower body+plyos
FR splitted: submax runs+weights 3x8 upper body +plyos
SA rest
SUN speed work(next Monday rest, if the MIC repeats or the 1st MIC of the 3rd MEC begins)

3rd MIC / MEC 3(4-6weeks)

MO weights 3x8-10 or rest
TU speed work or tempos
WED rest
THU weights 10-8-6-4 reps
FR rest or little work(starts,relay…)
SA speed work or (training)-competition
SUN rest

4th MIC / MEC 4(4-6weeks)

MO weights 3x8-10 +plyos
TU restFR rest SA rest or little work
WED weights 9-6-3 reps
THU submax runs
(starts,relay…)SUN speed work or (training)-competition

The following week could be a competition week with 4 sessions, last speed work 3-4 days before race.

And: instead of Speed work oe tempos(watching for physical conditions), you can run some hills also.

Weight program

quite normal…
free weights: snatch, bench, deadlift, squats and so on. At the splittes workouts there are also some isolations exercises.

So, what do you guys think of it?

why not do


i don’t like split weight routines for sprinting.sprinting is the primary and weight secondary

´how do you do your tempos? ithink they cant just be at 80% because you need recovery from speed days.
and what are yo doing for weights after speed workout? ithink there is just less time to do lower and upper body together after 1st workout.

tempo=10x100m wb recovery or the pyramid session

you can do lower vs upper but after speed

I think you’re confusing a tempo session with a special/speed endurance session. Tempo runs are never at 100%! It is in the range of 60-70%. As far as workouts after a speed session, I tend to stick to the basic compounds: Clean, Squat, Bench, something for the posterior chain, and that’s it… Especially since now that I am nearing the actual season, it is more important to stick to the basic movements in the weight room. Don’t over complicate it! The speed on the track is the priority first…

i know: normally tempos at submax, but have you read speed trap? Charlie made with ben tempos at 100% as a speed session with relaxation next days

Yes 100% runs you are referring to were the special endurance or speed endurance runs. I just get a bit thrown off when you refer the term tempo with this session as well, since normally I associate ‘tempo’ runs as the low intensity days.

What about just easing in with 65-70% tempo runs for the time being? Save the more intense stuff for a little later on.