Please comment on my athlete's TJ technique

This athlete is the junior state champion, she jumped well over 11 meters here, but have been struggling to go over 11.50. Please leave comment/suggestions about her technique, preferably things I can fix in three weeks.

As far as I can see, you are using cones as markers for each jump? Good idea, but I think it may restrict her in the hop. Specifically I find it a bit “tight” in the up-down non-efficient way.

The rest is actually quite good in my opinion :slight_smile:

How about trying to focus on less “jumping” and more “running” the hop? Try to focus on creating and maintaining as much horizontal velocity as technically possible.

With three weeks to the meet, I would get rid of the cones (if you indeed are using them) in order to jump on “feel”.

Finally she has, at least in this jump, a small tendency to rotate forwards. Again it is a result of the hop. The tendency to lift the knee insufficiently prior to the landing makes it almost impossible to avoid a “breaking” landing, which creates a small forward rotation. Again I would focus on speed maintenance. Telling her to lift her knee more would propably not result in anything good.

But again…I think this is pretty good jumping.


I agree with the running the hop comment. Might help to keep more velocity going through. Overall, though, it’s very good!