Playing Football Overseas

hi, im a junior at a d3 school. i would love to play professionally here int he states, however i was wondering what kind of oppourtunities are available to american players overseas. i dont mean nfl europe, i mean american football leagues that are in exsistence in places such as australia, germany, italy, europe etc.

does anyone have any experience with any playing overseas? also if anyone is a member of an overseas team or knows someone who is connected i would love to talk to you! i very much want to play overseas when im done with college. any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

My hometown team is actually one of the best teams in Europe - even if they can’ match with NFL standards :wink: )
The Germans or Italians have a bigger league, but “our Vikings” usually beat their teams in the Eurobowl:

maybe you find some contacts there. (Plus they got a forum…)

Our National football boards page is:

ok, it’s not in English, but at least you gat links to all the local teams.

hope it helps a little…

I went to Vienna last summer and saw one of your games on TV. I was impressed, you were really beating up on the other team. It seemed like quality football.

You can play in Canada.

try, you’ll find links of all the top italian year it seem that we’ll have a super league, with 5 or more overseas players in the highest division…last years my team had 3 overseas players, not high level though…but there are top teams using former div1A and AA players., others with cfl experience…if you have some direct question on the football situation here in italy, feel free t private message me.