Places to train in Calgary??

Looks like I’m moving to Calgary in about 1-2 months from now. Only been there twice ever, once for a new years party and another time for the stampede when I was really young. So I have no clue about where to train. I’m training for sprints 60m-100m, probably too late to join a track team now, season kinda allready started. Get all trained up for next year. Anyways, anybody have any knowledge of indoor/outdoor tracks open to public useage, or good gyms to train at? Thanks.

i train at talisman centre. mondo track…hard but fast. only one platform unless you can sweet talk someone into letting you use the athlete training zone (usually for teams and national level athletes). if you need a decent platform, i would try either mount royal college or national sport development. only outdoor track worth anything is foothills by mcmahon stadium. welcome to cowtown!

The university has the olympic oval (500m track, although kind of chilly) and the Jack Simpson gymnasium (200m). Both are great tracks to train for speed. If you can get into the olympic oval weight room, it is probably the best gym in town for sure.

There is also a track at glenmore park in the south for outdoor training.

So both the university and the Talisman centre have areas that are off-limits to normal people? sweet. As long as I have weights to lift and somewhere to sprint all year round, I’ll be happy. Poweronice, what do you mean by 1 platform, 1 squat platform? Just checked out that National Sports Development facility online as well, looks like a nice gym, they have some lanes there as well, don’t look very long, probably 30m-60m.

Actually, I checked out the floor plan for the National Sports Development facility, and it looks like their sprinting lanes are 40m long. hmm

What POI means by 1 platform is 1 olympic platform, Talisman has multiple squat racks but only 1 platform to do olympic lifts.