PK Subban

I hear Ben Johnson is responsible for all PK dryland offseason training… Is this a smart choice?

Why is it not. Full explanation please.

I’m just asking a question… Hopefully he’s not doing those aggressive stretches…

lol. he is an aggressive coach

Ben is doing a great job with PK.

If and I say if hockey players have the brains to catch up with track stars to train why not?

The training in hockey is beginning to use the ideas we knew and practiced over 30 years ago. BRAVO hockey. They might not be as fast as track stars but they are starting to sober up and get serious about how to train and recover. What a concept. All Team sports are finally learning the lessons from track and now track has to learn the team concepts from the successful organizations like football and hockey and soccer and baseball.

It’s all about the relationships and how to get along with people.