PJ's portraits

PJ Vazel drew these portraits of Carl Lewis and JJK in 1996 and 1998. He is the coach of African 100m recordholder Olusoji Fasuba (9.84) and of late, French recordholder Ronald Pognon (9.99). PJ is also one of the treasured members of this forum.

Un petit dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours

Spectacular PJ! If the title of Renaissance Man fits anyone on this forum, it is surely you. :slight_smile:

Amazing. :cool:

They are awesome. I’m a little confused by KK’s terminology when he says late, Ronald Pognon???

Maris by that he means latest additon to his squad…

Great pics…I know a British athlete who has done some awesome pics…I’ll see if i can get a few on here. His name is Adam.

A couple examples of his work…

Ahhh, was gonna say. I was confused and half thinking there had been a tragedy I was unaware of!!!

I’ve seen these over at GBAP… are you a member there to?


tennis for all ages…ciao

physiques by PJ

(PJ did these many years ago and he doesn’t like them - he has given them away :eek: )


Great job PJ!

Got any of his recent work KitKat??

Ha ha, what did I tell you guys about PJs work. It;s quite amazing!