PJB's Sprinting training in Winter

I am doing a 3-week-cycle, that repeats all winter long. f they are competitions, i am doing a special week, instead of the 3rd one to prepare.
I got great results after 6 months back injury:
30m: 4,10(Best:3,98)
30m fly: 4,48(best:3,45)

First week:

MO: weights 3x8
TU: Athletics(abdominals,back hyperextension_stbilisation exercises)
Wed: Rest
Thu: weights 3x8
Fr: techniquel sprints(8-16x 60-100m 8,5-14")
Sa: weights 3x8
Sun: Rest

2nd week:
MO: Hills or techniquel sprints
TU: weights 3x8
Wed: Athletics(abdominals,back hyperextension_stbilisation exercises)
Thu: rest
Fr: weights 10-8-6-4 reps
Sa: Sprints + Sprints with weights
Sun: Rest

3rd week:
MO: Rest or 30min jog
TU: weights 9-6-3
Wed:: hills
Thu: rest
Fr: techniquel sprints
Sa: Sprints 30m,30mfly,60m, or 100m(like competition)
Sun: Rest

In “competition week”:
MO: Hills
TU: weights 9-6-3
Wed: Sprints: acceleration
Thu: rest
Fr: techniquel sprints
Sa: race
Sun: Rest

3x8 (2 exercises combined): 60 min

3x8 neck – hamstring curls
bench press-- Hyperextension back and back
full Squats – calves–side abdominals
snatch- hamstring curls

and sometimes:
3x8 lat pulldown–3xabdominals
Biceps-- triceps 3x8

with 9-6-3 reps:
15min athletics/stabilisation for fuselage area
Lat - triceps
biceps - hamstring
bench press- back
Half squats – Neck

Then: Beginning of the 1st week.
After 3 full 3-week-cycles, i am doing just 1or 2 weeks little training with weigth 3x12,techniquel sprints and maybe 1jog…

So, what do you think about it for competing 60m indoor?

PS: I am not doing tempo; that comes in a similar plan for outdoor season. And then i wanna also do plyometrics(dont wanna do them now,bc of my back problems…)

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