PJ v TM Video & Results

Very very close. Tim led the whole race, but PJ made a late surge. He “out- Timmed” Tim. :smiley:

I’ll post a gif of the finish shortly.

I thought the race would be like this. TM & PJ have very similar assets, both have incredible speed.

Men - 100 METRES
Wind: -0.3 m/s
Pos Athlete Nat Mark

1 Montgomery Tim USA 10.04
2 Johnson Patrick AUS 10.05
3 Suetsugu Shingo JPN 10.16
4 Williams Bernard USA 10.17
5 Hooker Ja’Warren USA 10.36
6 Asahara Nobuharu JPN 10.38
7 Tsuchie Hiroyasu JPN 10.40
8 Basil Adam AUS 10.49
9 Tajima Nobuhiro JPN 10.56


I hope people can read it.


YEAR 100M BEST 100M NATS 100M PL 200M BEST 200M NATS 200M PL OG 100M OG 100M OG 200M OG 200M WT 200M WT PL 200M

1997 10.39 10.49 4F 20.54 20.54 3F 21.45 6H
1998 10.43 10.76 3SF 20.80 21.42 3F
1999 10.17 10.40 4F 20.64 20.87 4F
2000 10.10 10.32 2F 20.68 21.46 1H 10.44 5QF 7QF 20.87
2001 10.25 10.26 2F 20.52 20.59 1F
2002 10.26 10.44 4F 20.63 20.94 4F
2003 9.93 10.25 1F 20.50 20.50 1F

MEAN 10.22 10.42 20.62 20.90
ST DEV 0.17 0.18 0.11 0.40
MEDIAN 10.25 10.40 20.63 20.87

Here’s the finish.

Here’s the start. I have labelled TM & PJ.

And for those with a particular interest in their start, here it is in SloMo.

Dcw excellent work on the clips.just one note on TM technique-when up and running he seems to stick his head out alot,charlie did you pay any attendion to this while you had him or would you just let it be?

Awesome stuff dcw thanks.

Tim looks good. He held on showing that he has that champion attitude. Is that something that we are born with or do we learn it?

This is what I thought of the race.

Tim was in front from start, Patrick made a surge from about 20 and looked to have Tim at 80.

To me they then both appeared to try too hard. Over striding and rotating from the hips too much.

Good race though and Tim can/should only get better. I hope Patrick can, I will wait and see though.

Am I just stupid, over critical or actually have some idea. I guessing the second.

DMA i have to agree with you, first time watching that race, at the end they were both matching each other’s steps, and lost form. in the end, overstriding and just struggling for the line.

Tim just fell over it first hehe