Anyone know what piractem is? Is it illegal?

I think piracetam is legal, but I definitely don’t think it will enhance your performance! I tried it last year and it put me into a deep sleep within about 30mins.
Acted just like a sleeping pill for me. Other people experienced the same thing. My advice - STAY AWAY FROM IT!

Piracetam is not banned and is not likely to be, it’s been around for decades. In fact, it’s a pretty old drug. Piracetam is supposed to enhance congitive abilities and concentration and may help in aiding nervous system recovery.

I tried piracetam in the fall, but was not overly impressed with it. I did notice an effect. Mainly, I noticed that my concentration was more consistent throughout the day, especially in the afternoon. However, the effect was not really significant enough for me to want to continue using it.

Although it increases concentration, piracetam is not a stimulant and is also used to treat insomnia, which explains Neospeed’s results.

Since it’s pretty cheap, you might want to give it a test run. I don’t know if it’s approved for sale in Canada, or how hard it is to import into Canada. It’s pretty easy to import into the US, since it isn’t a controlled substance and is pretty non-controversial. The life extension people have been importing it here for years.

I should also point out that a lot of people get about the same effects from Power Drive.

Thank-you. At the moment I am taking enough stuff as it is. This was something I had not heard about and I figured this site would most definately have answers to my question. Thanks again.


Search the archives for nootropics and nervous system supplements.

Put you to sleep???Are you seriuos…maybe your were just nervous.
I tried it and it worked unbelievable combined with powerdrive. Does any have any information on the liquid or injectable version which just came out. I might switch to this version.

Not only does this stuff make you focuss but depending on the amount you take it can make you more aggressive.


What percentage of increase in performance do you think all of these supplements give a person? You seem to put alot of emphasis on them.

That’s my question. What is the marginal benefit versus the marginal cost? I’m a conservative fan of supplements. While I think a few good ones can make a significant difference overall, I don’t think more is better, and is often a waste of money. That’s why I decided not to restock on piracetam. I liked it, but not enough to justify continued use.

I have to admit, I did not try piracetam with Power Drive. Separately, neither one has given me a big boost, but they might in combination. I’d be interested to know what Tim’s experience has been with these separately. I know piracetam is much more effective when combined with other nootropics like the ones in Power Drive. So if there is a big difference between using them together versus separately, I might give the combo a trial run.

Right now, I’d rather just use coenzyme b-12.

Herb no idea?


NADH is a supplement that has been whispered about once or twice on the forum. Being one of the self-styled “supplement pimps” of the forum can you give the low-down on it?

Benifits? References?
Price & Availability?

Much appreciated :wink:

i would stick with power drive, although i havent tried the other…have you started your NADH yet? i started mine today, ill post the new “program” in the next few days…

Yes, I am serious. It put me to sleep big time. Entire body started to feel weak and heavy, then I felt like I wanted to go to sleep within about 30mins of my dose.
I am not unique in this regard, as some other athletes who were taking it during the same period as me also experienced somnolent effects from piracetam. I must say, however, that not everyone who takes piracetam will experience this.
Just be aware, though, that these side effects can and indeed do occur with the use of piracetam.


i could copy/paste a bunch of other articles over here, but instead just link over to this site and surf around, tons of info on it:


check it out and if you have any questions post here and ill do my best to answer.

i just started back on it today, 5mg first thing in the am on an empty stomach and the speed that this stuff kicks in is amazing. already sitting here at the computer today, everything looks clear and crisp, and my focus is very very high.