I’m not the brightest guy when it comes to computers. How do I get a picture to go along with my posts like many members have. Please break it down simply so i can figure this out.

the picture next to the member’s name is called the Avatar.

Go to “User CP”, then “edit options”, to the bottom of the page, and edit/add your Avatar.

in the past, the picture had to be already posted on the web, but now you can attach & upload the picture.

Try to keep the file size to about 100 x 100 pixels, and as small as possible. Some members use “animated gifs” or videos.

Note that I updated my little one!

You getting any sleep man?

Since I studied “sleep research” in my undergrad, I’ve learnt that sleeping increments of 1.5 or 3 hours is the trick.

With a baby, 6 hours is a luxury! 7.5hrs? That’s unheard of!

6 hours ? … I feel you …

It kills me when I hear Paula Radcliffe (UK Marathoner) sleeps 11 hours a day, while running over 100 miles a week.

That’s 9 (at least - though usually tries for 10) at night and a further 2 hour nap most days in the afternoon… not bad if you can get it!

thanks, ill see what i can do

Great Avatar!

thanks, i’m about to start a kk post in a sec