Pics and Videos of Ben

Please guys, this is the third time I’ve posted this asking for any pics and videos of ben running or anything, I’ve searched the web and found precious little, hopefully you guys can send me some more.

Thanks alex

Try the video section. This however might lead you to a site which requires money. If you want them bad enough pay for them. If you do searches on the net…such as “ben johnson sprinter” you will find plenty of pictures. I believe SI almanac has a video of ben doing practice starts. Go check it out.


We had a ton of Ben videos over the last 2 years, including the famous 1986 Zurich 100m. Are they not on the archive section?

try typing these in the search option-

*Ben Johnson’s 1986 Zurich Race
*Ben Johnson’s 1986 Goodwill Race
*Remember this race? (Which has his three races at the 92 OLY)

His Seoul Race is on here as well somewhere.

There is a link somewhere on this site that has a couple of his races also. I have the link at home but I’m at work now so I can’t get it to you but if you PM me for it I’ll get it to you later.


P.S. If you can’t find the 86 Races by the title than search under fjlee’s name. He is the one who posted them so you should find them under his login name.

Found the link. Here it is:


Pics & Pix

Whats going on with this picture?!?!?!:

he does look really chunky!!!

as for the three races from barcelona, aparently the site where they were on no longer exists, so if someone has them can they put them upa again please???

It´s clearly a assembly…

ok guys, so I’ve gotten a few videos, including the one from SI almanac which incidentally is amazing, does anyone else (hint hint charlie) have any photos of ben in training or videos of ben in training.

I want to make myself a Ben Collage Poster so that I can Inspire myself every day.

I can’t heplp but admire his persistence patience, and desire to overcome not only himself, but the people that insult and look down on him for making a mistake over 15 years ago.

PS. Does anyone know what bens stats were, height, weight, and what his weight routine looked like, not his actual poundages, but the exercises he performed, the splits etc…
I’m asking this here, cos’ I haven’t been able to get the money togethter to buy the CFTS or ST or the DVD even though I sorely want to. (being a uni student sucks, especially dentistry, you gotta buy all your own equipment and materials, and you gotta try to get patients too.)

BTW Charlie I’f I’m ever in canada, I’ll give you a free check up, hows that sound? :slight_smile:

where can i find the video area
When I saw that the Olympic film coverage from like 1956 and on was going to be on InHD, I requested a clip or two. I don’t know if he picked up the 1988 race yet, but here’s the 1984 100m men’s final. It’s about 137MiB in size, so it’s kinda big. This page is just for HD sample clips, so I wouldn’t expect another 100m clip to show up, and he rotates through clips about two times a week, so I would jump on this immediately. If you miss it, it’ll probably show up on eMule later.
Oh, I forgot to mention that one needs a really powerful computer to play the clips, either that, or a semi-powerful computer with a modern video card, like a Geforce 4 or later or a Radeon.

says “Service Unavailable”.

Yeah, that happens sometimes. Just try again later, usually it’ll be back in a couple of minutes. It was up when I checked it a few seconds ago.

I downloaded it and tryed to de-compress it and it said there was an error in the file. Anyone else get that??

If I could download I’d tell you … I get service unavailable all the time.

A new clip has already rotated in (a clip from Pretty Woman). I hope everyone that wanted it got it.

Not it all !!

100MB ?! I prefer spend this time with my “Pretty Woman”…

thnx for posting the clips I enjoyed watching all of them. Hopefully this weekend when the NCAA Div 1 championships comes on they’ll show all the events atleast finals wise and show all teh relays they tend to always cut the mens 4x4 and it always tends to be good cause they wanna highly some stupid womens coach and hear them talk about nothing. They can show me hte race or atleast the last 2 legs instead of highlighting the coach for a whole segment.