Physiotherapists in Brisbane, Australia?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good physio in Brisbane, Australia.

I have seen 4 or 5 in the past and I am yet to find a good one!

They are very hard to come by - any reccomendations??

I always had great luck with therapists in Aus. Often they were Osteopaths.

Thanks Charlie.

Mind filling me in - whats an osteopath?

I have found a brilliant massage therapist, but every physio I have seen gives me a generic diagnoses and tells me to RICE. Irratating!

Peter Stanton is pretty good. Although I am unsure if he has a private practice as he is the Brisbane Lions head of medical.

Has an ability to get people up when he shouldn’t. His wife is a prime example.

I have never been to oesopath, but I have had great fortune of having a very good chiropractor and my back and knee held together for 2 seasons longer than I expected.

Unfortunately it maybe a trial and error approach to finding a good one.

Cheers DMA - I will look into it.

I remember last season, some of the Lions physio’s made some v. stupid claims.

Basically, “We haven’t had any major injuries and we know something that noone else does”; ironically the Lions have had 4 or 5 major injuries this season!

Trial and error approach has become v. expensive and v. frustrating!

My problem with most physio’s is their obsession with symptom related treatments. I want to find someone who can explain why things are happening - not just tell me to rest!

Yes they where v. stupid claims.

Just spoke to a girl I use to coach who goes to oestopath regularly - she swears by them.

To find a oestopath go to

Good luck with finding a physio worthwhile.

Like a Chiro but does soft tissue work before any manipulations.